Secrets Behind Magician Justin Flom's Mind-Blowing Card Tricks

Any day is a good day to create a little magic in your life, even during a quarantine. That's where Justin Flom comes in, the world-renowned magician and star of Yippee TV's "Making Magic at Home"! Young Hollywood hits up this master of illusions via Zoom to find out some secrets behind some of his most mind-blowing tricks, and to be honest, even after the explanation, we're still a little freaked out! Justin demonstrates a couple of basic card tricks for us, as well as some pretty crazy tricks involving squishy balls and Lifesaver candies, plus he tells us about how his wife is often an unwitting guinea pig for his new tricks and what happened when he performed a trick for none other than 50 Cent! Extra points if you guess the same cards as our host did!

July 03, 2020 | by Young Hollywood