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Wanderlust Fest is a Triathalon for the Body AND Mind!

Written by Hannah Brown. Published: April 06 2016


A 5K, yoga, meditation, and a local food market? Sign me up, please!


This world lover’s dream is actually a reality. Wanderlust is a unique type of triathalon is for anyone, but especially those who want to be in touch with themselves on a deeper level. The event includes a 5K, followed by 75 minutes of yoga, and then 30 minutes of guided meditation. Who has the time to train for a traditional triathalon anyway?


If this is way more up your alley, you’re in luck. Wanderlust is touring the WORLD. From Philadelphia, to San Francisco, to Auckland, and now to Los Angeles, you are more than able to participate in this grounding experience.


Not only do they offer the three main events, but they also house plenty of other awesome activities like Aerial and ArcoYoga. They even have their own market with all types of chachkis that you can’t say no to, like local goodies, yoga accessories, snacks, and their signature “boochgarten”, which is the name for their kombucha biergarten. There are sunset hikes, paddle boards, speakeasys, and so much more at the worldwide festivals.


Aside from this event, Wanderlust also has studios and workshops with unique teachings such as how to work with your given opportunities based on the moon. There are also healing workshops and festival flower crown workshops for making your own!


The message of the brand is about mindful living. This includes eating the right way for your body, practicing yoga, recycling, and much more.


Here are some highlights from their retreat at Great Lake Taupo from earlier this year:




You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter to see what they’ve come up with next, and to keep up with when they will be traveling to your town.




(Screenshot via YouTube)


- Hannah Brown, YH Contributing Writer