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VIRAL ALERT: WilldaBeast Adams

Written by Jean-Luc Vaval. Published: February 23 2016


William “WilldaBeast” Adams is a professional dancer and choreographer and one of many talented faculty members/choreographers at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood. They don’t call him “Willdabeast” for nothing either -- He is a “beast” at what he does and is passionate about dance, and people are jumping aboard! With over 443K followers on Instagram and over 1 million YouTube subscribers, Willdabeast Adams is showing firsthand that “Dancers Are Athletes Too”!


Willdabeast created the dance company immaBEAST which features many other great young dancers, including one of my favorites, Jade Chynoweth. He has influenced not only myself but also so many dancers like Sean Lew and Delaney Glazer, who have taken classes with Willdabeast. His videos feature dancers of all ages killin’ it on the floor, and I don’t know about you, but when I watch these videos, I get hyped!


The clip below is one of his most recent videos of his students dancing to his choreography to the Beyoncé's "Formation" with the help of a great cinematographer, Tim Milgram, which will give you a taste as to what makes this guy such a “BEAST”! Props to the dancers also!




After seeing that video, don’t you want to take a class now? Well, good news, because you can go online and sign up and register for classes at the Millennium Dance Complex here!


Follow the “Beast” on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube Channel, and if are so inclined, you can follow some of my other favorite dancers on Instagram, like Jade Chynoweth, Delaney Glazer, and Sean Lew. Happy dancing!


(Screenshot via YouTube)


- Jean-Luc Vaval, YH Contributing Writer