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Q&A: DJs Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike

Written by Carly Schwartz. Published: February 23 2016


This is one dynamic duo to keep an eye (and ear) out for, ladies and gents. Currently holding the #1 spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs, Belgian-bred bros Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are spinnin' and jammin' their way to the top of the EDM game and dominating one extraordinary set at a time.




We got a chance to talk to the fellows themselves and get the inside scoop about life as a DJ Duo!


YH: Do you have any pre-show rituals to get hyped before a show? 

DV: We try to pull out all the stops and put on a great show for each and every event we play, so it’s nice to share a few drinks to relax and enjoy some pre-show time with our tour team before the party starts!


YH: How do the crowds that you perform for differ? For example, a Vegas club versus a music festival?

LM: Club shows are a lot more intimate. The crowds often get a very up-close-and-personal experience with the DJ booth being so close to the dance floor. Vegas crowds aren’t shy; those guys know how to party and party hard!

DV: With festivals, it’s less intimate since the arena is always much, much bigger. You’ve got to try and reach the crowd right at the back of the arena, as well as those in the front. We play a lot more festival shows than club shows these days, so it’s a familiar setting for us. 


YH: Performing as a duo, your sounds complement each other. How do you feed off each other’s energy?

DV: We’ve grown up with each other and have a great understanding of each other, which definitely plays a key role in our stage personality. Over the years, we’ve developed a way to work together that allows both of us to put our own take on everything we do, from the music to the DJ sets to the label, etc.


YH: Your stage presentation is a huge part of what makes your set different from other DJs. What inspires you to come up with the concepts of each set?

LM: We’re always dreaming about pushing forward, reaching for bigger goals, and giving fans the best experience we can.

DV: We love to develop concepts and ideas. For example, our recent Bringing the Madness 3.0 World Tour launch show at the Antwerps Sportpaleis was a project we’d worked on for months. Turning the idea of the show into a reality was a lengthy but exciting process.


YH: What is your favorite city to perform in?

DV: We love so many cities around the world, but because we are always on the road touring these days, getting to play a homecoming gig is something that's always extra special for us. 

LM: We recently had the chance to go back home and play three sold-out shows for Bringing the Madness 3.0, which was really special and meant a lot to us. Having 60,000 fans come to the those three shows was a big occasion for us and something we’ve not seen at that venue since the likes of U2, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.


YH: Has EDM always been your calling, or did you start with a different genre when you first starting DJing?

LM: Until dance music, my background was always hip-hop. I was really deep into that scene, but things really changed for me after landing in Ibiza for the first time.

DV: From my side, I was listening to dance music from as far back as I can remember. During my teenage years, I was always collecting records -- everything from hip-hop to funk to classic house, etc. I loved it all from a really early age. 


YH: What do you love most about performing as a duo?

DV: Well, we’re brothers, so getting to share the experience with somebody who knows you well and is your family means a lot.


YH: What advice can you give to aspiring DJs?

DV: Dream big! Set those goals high and just go after them. If you work hard enough and stay focused on your own dreams and goals you’ll reach them, but in many cases it’s not an overnight success. You need to keep at it and believe in yourself.


YH: What does it take for you to be completely satisfied with a mix?

DV: For us, it’s all about the energy. We want our sets to be filled with lots of energy and the atmosphere to be rocking.

LM: We love to smash the house at any and every event we play. We want to bring the party to the crowd and get everybody dancing!


YH: What is life on the road like for you guys?

DV: Busy! We work on a lot of music ideas for our sets or for new tracks whilst on the road, and in between touring we jump into the studio as often as we can. Right now, we’re having a lot of studio time to put finishing touches to our first artist album.


Catch these guys touring internationally this year and be sure to follow them on Twitter (Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike) for updates!


(Photo via D. Baron Media Relations)


- Carly Schwartz, YH Contributing Writer