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VIRAL ALERT: Salah Brooks

Written by Kate Anne Trott. Published: October 23 2023
(Photo: Salah Brooks/TikTok/@salah)


If you're an avid scroller on TikTok, chances are that you probably have found a few creators that you consistently watch and keep tabs on their lives. A lot of popular TikTok creators have made a living by showing people the ins and outs of their lives, showing vulnerability that most wouldn’t dare show friends, let alone millions of strangers.


It’s difficult to find someone that truly does let their guard down online, or someone that shows not only the good side, but also the bad. Salah Brooks, a 24-year-old TikTok creator under the username @salah, has shared a lot of her experiences and has been able to amass a following of 6.5 million strangers as of this writing that she shares her day-to-day life with.


Salah was born in Houston, Texas, where she lost her parents as a young child. She was placed in the foster care system and was homeless after aging out of it. She's a free spirit that loves to travel the world and experience exhilarating activities and new cultures, and she focuses heavily on a healthy mind and body and does yoga, meditation, journaling, running, and various amounts of physical activity. 


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She began gaining popularity online in 2020, where she dabbled in music and released a single called “Crazy”. She shifted gears to discuss her fun and free lifestyle, which gathered more followers for her. Some of her earliest TikTok videos include discussing her weight loss journey and recovery from an eating disorder. She still encourages followers to eat and stay healthy with her.

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In 2020, she met another Tik =Tok creator named Theo Goff(@theostrips), who became a major part of her TikTok content. They traveled the world together in a renovated school bus and recorded their fun travels. Renovating old school buses became a major hobby for them, and Salah always seems to be working on a new bus, showing videos of her decorating them or adding features like AC or hot water. While many assumed they were an item, they continued to insist that they were just “homies with feelings” and not romantic partners. After a few years of traveling the world together, the two finally announced that they were dating, and soon after they announced they were engaged. Together they created an Airbnb business where people could rent out their renovated school buses or live in a school bus commune in Austin, Texas, that has air conditioning, showers, and outside seating. The link is in her bio to rent or inquire about commune living!


After announcing their engagement, a few months later, Salah posted a video with Theo officially stating that they were no longer engaged or together romantically but still remaining best friends. They admitted that neither truly believed in marriage and getting engaged and beginning a business together was a mistake. After going on one last vacation together, Salah decided that no contact was the best way to handle the breakup and has been posting advice and her journey through her difficult time losing her best friend. She has solely taken over the Airbnb business and has been taking her time healing by reading, journaling, and refusing to self-isolate. She continues to meet new people during her travels and makes new friends to get back into the habit of self-care and new experiences. While following her, you can learn the best ways to travel and what to do for fun while traveling.


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For those who want a more in-depth history on her story, she also started aYouTube channel where she has posted more on her loss of her mother at a young age as well as her experience and trauma in the foster care system. She also posts vlogs there of her day-to-day travel activities.