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06-29-2022 by Annel Then

(Mia Dio/TikTok/@miadio)


Mia Dio is known to be more than an influencer on TikTok. We were first introduced to her playing a Russian sugar baby for fun on TikTok, one of her many characters. She has also been so invested in the characters she portrays that even her own followers questioned her nationality and accent. Mia currently has 5.3 Million followers on Tiktok as of this writing, and besides being an online personality, she has accomplished so much at only 20 years old! Wow!


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She recently participated in the Nuestra Belleza Latina, a Latin American pageant show, and did great although she did not win the pageant, She had the support of her followers and family cheering her on.


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Since the show aired, she has still been kicking it off on TikTok, uploading beauty content, and even ”sugar baby” advice for her followers. Mia is a very transparent influencer and enjoys being a comedic influence in the TikTok community, from her awesome skits and makeup tutorials to her rich and luxurious lifestyle. 


She even created a video on her YouTube channel to clear the air on her nationality. To be honest, Mia has quite the mix of nationalities, from an American, Cuban, Chilean, Brazilian, and even Argentinian background! She respects the Russian women overall and uses their examples as a blueprint of how women should be treated. Mia does a great Russian impression and totally convinced us with her skills! 




Her content is one of a kind, and we can tell she’s out to take on the world! Mia is very creative when it comes to creating content in that she is not afraid to mix things up. She can make an astrology video into a comedic one and even a travel TikTok into a comedic one as well. You can tell she is good at what she does!

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She is the embodiment of the idea that you should never give up on your goals. A comedic inspiration and influencer that knows her craft and is not afraid to be bold -- that is what Mia Dio is all about! We can’t wait to follow her through her journey as a creator and to see what else she will accomplish!