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Written by Nicole Koch. Published: November 19 2014
Sorry to disappoint, ladies and gents, I didn’t mean man butt cheeks when I said "man buns". I meant full-on long-hair-wrapped-up-in-a-bun buns. Man butts are always a fun topic too (especially when dressed in baseball pants), but that’s a story for another day. Today, however, I’m talking about the Jared Leto-inspired hairstyle that has spread all over California like wildfire.
I’m a student at Long Beach State, and I’m one of those people that hardly uses the amazing renovated gym that I get access to for “free”. I apparently wasn’t feeling like myself last week, because I actually stepped foot in the rec center, wanting to get a good workout. As I signed in and walked upstairs to the cardio equipment, I passed a young dude with a man bun. I thought, “Okay, he must have done that because his hair is longer than most and doesn’t want it to stick to his neck when he’s getting his sweat on…” Totally understandable. But then I saw another one. And another one. And ANOTHER ONE. After about 10 man buns, I realized that this was not just about confort and convenience at the gym. Sure, I bet some of these dudes only tie up their hair when they’re working out, but let’s be real. I’ve never seen this many all in one location. Trend Alert!
I think this trend was born of a realization from the menfolk something us ladies have known about all along. Plus, it's a style effortlessly undone mixed with primal virility. It’s rugged yet tamed. People want it! They need it.
I’m not exactly convinced of this trend yet. Now, I’m a woman who is quite fond of men with long-ISH hair (no buzzcuts, please) and scruff but never one to notice a man with hair almost as long as mine. I mean, along with any other hairstyle, only certain types of guys can rock it and make it look hot. Others I applaud you for trying, but please stop. Stars with specific style like Jared Leto and even Brad Pitt can easily pull this look off.
So, in conclusion, only do the man bun if you can rock the s*** out of it.
But that's just one gal's opinion. What do YOU guys think? Man Buns: Cringe or Crave?
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- Nicole Koch, YH Staff