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TRACK BY TRACK: Karol G's 'Mañana Será Bonito: Bichota Season'

Written by Gabriella Pérez. Published: August 21 2023
(KAROL G/YouTube)

Karol G, the bichota herself, holds her title strongly with the release of Mañana Será Bonito; Bichota Season. The album itself is an extension to her February release Mañana Será Bonito but with a bad girl twist. Karol G shared with her Instagram followers that the album is "perreo season, bellaqueo season, and why not, romantiqueo too,” making it an album full of fun dance beats, loving moments, and perfect for thebichota inside all of us. The 10-track album features artists such as Kali Uchis, Peso Pluma, Young Miko, and Cris MJ. With such big names, the album is sure to be a great success! 



Let's break it down track-by-track!


1. "Bichotag"

The opening track to the album welcomes us with a short viral soundbite of Karol speaking in English where she exclaims, “Oh my God, this is so amazing!” The song itself is backed by a strong trap beat and carried out with smooth and effortless flow. “Bichotag” reminds us who is the head bichota in charge -- herself!


Favorite Lyrics: “Números uno como sellos en el pasaporte / Cada canción que tiro es un éxito que rompe..."




2. "Oki Doki" 

"Oki Doki" blends reaggaetón beats with anime-inspired ad-libs. The song is bouncy, fun, and full of catchy lyrics. Here, Karol is speaking towards her Bichota era, reaffirming female empowerment and self-love. Karol makes it clear that she is free and she definitely doesn’t regret it.


Favorite Lyrics: “De este culo no te olvidas / No me digas ‘puta’ / El error fue tuyo y la vida e’mía...”




3. "Mi Ex Tenía Razón"

Karol continues to explore different genres on the album in her 3rd track “Mi Ex Tenía Razón”, where the Colombian singer ventures into a folkloric genre. Karol goes on to not only dedicate but claim the song is inspired by the late singer Selena Quintanilla. The use of regional Mexican music is heavily influenced by Selena’s Tejano style, allowing Karol to sing from deep in her soul. The song tells a story on how Karol’s ex was indeed right -- she couldn’t find another man like him; instead she found someone better!


Favorite Lyrics: “Mi ex tenía razón / Dijo que no iba a encontrar uno como él / Y me llegó uno mejor / Que me trata mejor...”




4. "S91" 

One of the first released singles from the album, “S91” is as if EDM music and Latino Trap/Urban had a beautiful baby. The club track is inspired by a prayer Karol’s mother once taught her as a child. "S91" is a song of deep reflection of Karol’s successful career, even when those didn’t believe in her. "S91" will have you crying in the club.


Favorite Lyrics: “Quieran ser como yo, ya los vi / Pero el flow no está a la venta / Yo lo siento, pero el flow no está a la venta...”




5. "QLONA" (w/ Peso Pluma)

One of the most highly-teased and anticipated tracks off the album, Karol brings in Peso Pluma, and together, they exhibit an insanely heated chemistry, singing about wanting someone so bad and letting your imagination run wild when you see them. “QLONA” is too hot to handle!


Favorite Lyrics: “No te voy a mentir / No paro de imaginarme / Tu culo en tanga...”




6. "Una Noche en Medellín (Remix)" (w/ Cris MJ & Ryan Castro)

Teased back in 2022, Karol G fans were elated over the release of “Una Noche en Medellín (Remix)”. Chilean singer Cris MJ has quickly begun to make a name for himself in the Latin music scene with his song. Cris and Karol originally performed the remix at the 2022 Viña del Mar Festival. However, when it came to producing and releasing their remix, they also brought on fellow Colombian singer Ryan Castro onto the track. “Una Noche en Medellín (Remix)” is perfect to blast in the car, in your room, in the club, or in the shower.


Favorite Lyrics: “Las bebita' como yo tienen un propio meneo / La que dijo que es frontú / ¿dónde está, que no la veo?”




7. "Me Tengo Que Ir" (w/ Kali Uchis)

Another highly-anticipated duet “Me Tengo Que Ir” finally brings Kali and Karol together. “Me Tengo Que Ir” blends Uchis's dream-like sounds with Karol’s hard-hitting beats. Together, they sing about a man who isn’t worth their time and knowing when it is time to move on. Kali and Karol are a dynamic duo in “Me Tengo Que Ir”.


Favorite Lyrics: “Puede que conmigo duermas y estemos juntos pero no te siento bebé / Y ya yo me tengo que ir / No fue suficiente...”




8. "Gatita Gangster" (w/ Dei V)

“Gatita Gangster” welcomes another Latin music newcomer, Dei V. The two originally met at one of Karol’s concerts in Puerto Rico. Together, the two create a passion-filled tension that completely takes over your body, making it impossible not to dance.


Favorite Lyrics: “Sabes que soy tu gatita gángster / La que entre to'a está por delante...”




9. "Dispo" (w/ Young Miko)

Young Miko has been having a great year with all the collabs and big music success she has had. And it doesn’t stop on “Dispo”, where Young Miko and Karol sing about their fun-filled, newly-single lives and how now it's their turn to be picky in the dating pool. Both Miko and Karol deliver sweet sounds and insane lyricism on the second-to-last track of the album.


Favorite Lyrics: “Ma, tú ere' bichota y por pendejo' no se llora...”




10. "Provenza (Remix)" (w/ Tiësto)

A remix to end all remixes, “Provenza (Remix)” brings one of Karol’s most popular songs into a new light with the help ofTiësto. The Dutch DJ creates a whole new sound for the love song while still maintaining its defining notes and beats. “Provenza (Remix)” is the absolute best possible way to end the album and show off Karol’s Bichota energy.


Favorite Lyrics: “Baby, ¿qué más? / Hace rato que no sé na' de ti / 'Taba con alguien, pero ya estoy free / Puesta pa' revivir viejos tiempo' / no salgo hace tiempo...”




Be sure to listen to Mañana Será Bonito; Bichota Season on all music streaming platforms!