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Written by Brittany Taormina. Published: July 29 2015


Attention, YH readers! One of our favorites duos just released their first EP, Calibraska, and we couldn’t be more excited! If you follow Jack & Jack on social media, you know that they have been working EXTREMELY hard on making their music the best it can possibly be. They started out on Vine and now have made a name for themselves in the music industry.


Their EP was released on Friday and earned the #1 spot on the iTunes chart. Yeah, you heard me -- the #1 SPOT! Can we also take a minute to appreciate the album title? Very clever. It is only fair that we break down this piece of work track-by-track!


1. “California”

“California” is a great song to kick off the EP. It is high energy and a lot of fun. Even though the song is based around the idea of being in California, they still manage to pay tribute to their Omaha, Nebraska, roots. It definitely stays faithful to Jack & Jack's original sound, but with a sense of maturity and knowledge behind the music. Check out the music video for “California”, which debuted just this week, featuring the reemergence of two of our favorite nerds!

Fave Lyric: “Hey it's that guy! / Yeah aren't you from Vine? / Hell nah I'm from Nebraska, get your facts aligned.”




2. “Shallow Love”

Before I go any farther, can we just appreciate Jack J’s rapping skillz? This guy just keeps getting better and better. “Shallow Love” somewhat reminds me of a reggae song. You can hear this during Jack G’s portion, which he kills, by the way. It sounds incredible! They do a really nice job of creating variation in their music, while still managing to exude their own signature sound.

Fave lyric: “By the looks of it this love is too fake / We might as well just call the dentist, yo / You see why I'm trippin' though?”




3. “How We Livin”

The song is a testament to how Jack & Jack live their life in the present day. I think they thrive in a work hard/play hard environment, and living in L.A. encourages that lifestyle. It is also about not being afraid to step outside your comfort zone. What you plan on doing may not happen, and that is okay! It is okay to change what plans you may have made for yourself. It is a good lesson for all young people that I even forget.

Fave lyric: “Seein' as how a year ago we in classfillin' up college apps / Goin' home, takin' a nap / Now we sellin' tracks and rushin' out / Rushin' a fratlife's better when you're livin' it fast, man, that's a fact.”




4. “Wrong One”

Now, this is my favorite off the EP! This song shows the mature side of Jack & Jack. What I love about this song is that it has an R&B feel to it. I would love to see them have more songs like this. I think that we have all gone through a time in our life where we have been with the “Wrong One". Young love…what can you say?

Fave lyric: “Crazy how two people fall in love with each other just to turn around and hurt one another.”




I am so proud of them. They took their time creating this EP, and it DEFINITLEY paid off. It was so worth the wait. Wishing them the best of luck with their career… even though I don’t think they need it. I don’t know about you, but these songs are for sure being added to my summer playlist!


P.S. - Don't forget to check out our chat with the boys at SXSW earlier this year!




(Screenshot via YouTube)


- Brittany Taormina, YH Staff