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The Best Budget-Friendly Dupes of Expensive Brands on Amazon!

Written by Kate Anne Trott. Published: September 07 2023
(Boni Ldn/TikTok/@bonildn96)


It’s difficult to keep up with all of the new fashion trends on a tight budget. Social media has made it easier to feel like you're missing out on all of the best brand-name products. I don’t think I have or will ever understand the idea of paying double or triple the price for a brand name.


In my opinion, and many others', Amazon always gives us the best shopping experience in terms of finding low-price, high-quality items that get to your door in just a day or two. With expensive brand name products being over most people’s budgets, here are the best Amazon dupes of all the popular trending items!


1. Skims Dupe

The Seamless Sculpt Mid Thigh BodySuit on the Skims website seems to be everybody’s go-to nowadays to wear under dresses or as an outfit to keep yourself looking snatched. However, not everyone wants to spend 80+ dollars on a body suit.


SHAPERX on Amazon has you covered if you want a more affordable version.This bodysuit looks and feels exactly like the Skims version. This product went viral on TikTok with everyone reviewing the $37 bodysuit dupe. Similar to Skims, SHAPERX has wonderful bodysuits that will keep you looking snatched and give you the perfect figure for a night out. There are plenty of versions that mimic the Skims bodysuits. They have short-sleeve, halter, thin-strap, or thick-strap tank tops or long sleeve-style bodysuits. They also have a mix of shorts, thong, or regular underwear-style bodysuits to choose from as well.

@bonildn96 The diffrence in my waist from this shapewear bodysuit is UNREAL! In my ‘skims inspired’ list - the material is exactly the same #shaperx#skimsdupeamazon#bodyshaper#amazonmusthave#amazonfashionfinds#amazonbodysuits#shapewear#amazonskimsbodysuit#amazonshapewear♬original sound - SPED UP AFROBEATS??…


2. Lululemon Dupe

Everyone falls in love with Lululemon’s quality in their leggings. Their Align collection has been a huge hit amongst their shoppers with everyone raving about the texture and fit of the leggings in the collection. As much as the product has a great feel and comfortability for an active life, the price is simply astronomical at almost 100 dollars a pair.


Thankfully, Amazon has you covered on this one as well. CRZ YOGA on Amazon released the Butterluxe collection that everyone has been raving about. It has 4.7 stars on Amazon with over 5,000 ratings. The material, comfortability, and style perfectly matches the Align leggings from Lululemon and for only $32 a pair. CRZ YOGA has a lot of other Lululemon dupes and other expensive brand-name clothing dupes that work perfectly if you’re on a budget. I highly suggest checking out their Amazon page if you are skeptical and read the reviews of the thousands of happy customers.

@ashleighhonig lululemon align dupes! ? i’m so obsessed and cant wait to order more fun colors. #lululemondupe#amazonfinds#aligndupe#workoutclothes♬original sound - Ashleigh Honig


3. Jewelry Dupes

I have to admit that it is hard to beat the quality of expensive jewelry. While Amazon is truly amazing, it cannot perform miracles. It’s more than likely that brand names will still beat Amazon dupes for jewelry in terms of longevity and material. However, if you want to look bougie on a night out, Amazon will have you covered. Here are a couple examples:


Prada’s signature symbol necklace, $975

BerryHarry’s dupe, $17


Van Cleef and Arpel’s Vintage Alhambra bracelet, $4,200

AILPIWE’s dupe, $17


Cartier’s love bracelet, $7,350

YCSLYW’s dupe, $13


4. Poster Girl Dress Dupe

Poster Girl came out with a line of dresses that everyone seemed to be absolutely obsessed with. Before trying them on, each of the dresses looked like they could easily fit a barbie and nothing bigger. They are full of cut-outs, are see-through, and have a material that stretches an ungodly amount. The Miranda Dress became a sensation seemingly overnight, with everyone on TikTok obsessed with getting their hands on one after they sold out. The dresses go for $110 to $120.


To help you save your money on a dress (if you can call it one) that you honestly probably couldn’t wear out on most occasions, Fernvia on Amazon has a perfect lookalike for $22. If this one isn’t close enough for the style of the Poster Girl dress you have somehow fallen in love with, don’t worry -- Amazon has a ridiculous number of dupes for this dress you can look through!