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Taylor Swift's Football Fashion Moments, Ranked!

Written by Ashley Parham. Published: February 02 2024


On January 28, the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship, a victory which secured their spot in this year’s Super Bowl. This will be their 4th Super Bowl game since 2020. Since the football season is about to end, it’s time to dive into all of Taylor Swift’s NFL game outfits!


Over the course of the season, Taylor Swift has attended 12 NFL games to support the Kansas City Chiefs. She made her first game appearance on September 24, 2023, and her attendance seemed to confirm rumors that she was romantically linked with Chiefs tight endTravis Kelce. She has since attended 11 more games with her family, his family, and lots of friends. Swift’s presence has excited her fans, and, as a result, there has been a spike in viewership for NFL games. Swift’s first game appearance resulted in the highest-rated NFL broadcast of that week, and in subsequent weeks female viewership of NFL games has skyrocketed. 



Fans have loved seeing Swift incorporate Chiefs merchandise into her style. Over the course of the season, she has worn a combination of official Chiefs merch and commissioned pieces from local artists. She has also included lots of subtle nods to her boyfriend via her accessories. Let’s go over these looks and reveal our fashion faves!


12. December 25, 2023: Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders

Swift twinned with Brittany Mahomes, wife of Chiefs quarterbackPatrick Mahomes, as both women wore Santa hats embroidered with their respective partners' numbers. Swift wore a black coat, plaid black skirt, and black tights. The look is cute, and it represents her overall style well. It almost feels reminiscent of her 1989-era street style. However, her brother Austin’s appearance in a full Santa costume was definitely the show stealer. He committed to the bit by carrying around a gift bag, which he gave Travis Kelce a gift from. Taylor had a stylish outfit at this game, but we’re ranking it last since Austin’s holiday outfit and shenanigans took the spotlight.



11. October 1, 2023: Chiefs vs New York Jets

For her second game, Swift went with a lowkey look. She wore a plain, black, long-sleeve shirt with bedazzled light denim shorts. This outfit is cute, comfortable, and perfect for a sporting event. It has her usual level of charm without being overly flashy. However, this was one of her few looks without any Chiefs gear. A toned-down style moment is always in fashion, but also a football game is the perfect place to get loud with your style. Thankfully, Swift gave us plenty of those moments too.



10. January 21, 2024  - Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills

Swift was bundled up due to the cold. Though this outfit is stylish, it loses points due to the lack of specific Chiefs representation. She wore a red beanie and a red and white jacket, but nothing that directly screamed "Chiefs". Plus, her fashion moment was once again overlooked at the game. This time, the scene stealer was none other than Travis’s brother Jason Kelce, who attracted attention after cheering boisterously with his shirt off. Swift seemed entertained by his bold enthusiasm, and everyone was in good spirits supporting the Chiefs. So, once again, as great as Swift looked, we have to give credit where it’s due to the audience member who committed hardest to a bit.



9. September 24, 2023:  Chiefs vs Chicago Bears

Swift showed off her sporty side in her very first appearance at a Chiefs game. In a white tank top and black shorts, she rocked this cute, casual look. She accessorized with a Chiefs jacket and red lips to match! The NFL made sure to show her off on their social media accounts, and fans ate it up. This appearance marked the public confirmation of Swift and Kelce’s relationship. We’ve seen several more sporty outfits from Swift since this day, but the first one will always have a place in our hearts.



8. October 22, 2023: Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers

Swift wore a red Chiefs shirt and a short black pleated skirt to the Chiefs' game against the Chargers. This look was fun and meshed well with the styles we’re used to seeing from her. However, the best part of this outfit was her golden friendship bracelet. She wore a bracelet with beads consisting of the number 87 in between two hearts. Kelce first got onto the radar of Swifties when he attended a show onThe Eras Tour and attempted to give Swift a bracelet with his phone number on it. Swift attending his game wearing a bracelet with his jersey number was the sweetest full circle moment!



7. January 13, 2024: Chiefs vs Miami Dolphins

This is how you get loud with your sports merchandise! Swift wore a red puffer jacket with Kelce’s name and the number 87 on it. The jacket was custom-made by Kristin Juszczyk, and Brittany Mahomes sported a similar one to support her husband. Swift and Mahomes also twinned by wearing black pants and white hats. These outfits were fun to begin with, and the coordination made them even better. Swift showed everyone how to support the Chiefs in style while still staying warm this winter! 



6. December 17, 2023: Chiefs vs New England Patriots

For this special game, Swift brought her father, Scott. Despite being a longtime Philadelphia Eagles fan, Scott showed up donning a red Chiefs sweater to support Travis Kelce with Taylor. Taylor wore a gray Chiefs crewneck and a custom beanie from a local Kansas City business, Kut the Knit, and it featured an 87. It’s wonderful to see Taylor’s family showing up to support Kelce, and we love that even her dad couldn’t resist sporting Chiefs merch. Both of their sweaters looked comfortable and fashionable.



5. December 10, 2023: Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills

We’re kind of obsessed with this look. It is so on-brand. Swift wore a vintage red and black Chiefs crewneck sweater with a leather skirt and knee-high boots. The oversized sweater and short skirt combination was trendy through the year, and Swift’s 2023 style followed trends regularly. She has been seen wearing plenty of vintage clothing in the past, so it makes sense that she would extend that passion for vintage fashion to her new collection of Chiefs merchandise. 



4. October 12, 2023: Chiefs vs Denver Broncos

Swift upped her Chiefs swag this game with a windbreaker from Erin Andrews. She accessorized with lots of gold jewelry, including a chunky gold necklace similar to other jewelry she had incorporated into her street style last Fall. Her hair was up in a neat ponytail. She wore a black corset tank top and short black skirt, and solidified this look as sporty chic. From this look, you’d think Swift had been dressing up for football games forever. She absolutely rocked this look. The combination of her usual style and this fashionable Chiefs windbreaker made for a perfect event outfit.



3. December 31, 2023: Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals

We love a matching couple moment! Swift wore a black and white Chiefs varsity jacket that Kelce had worn while leaving the stadium after the prior week’s game. She also wore a sleek all-black ensemble. The look garnered lots of attention from fans who also appreciated the shared jacket choice. Swifties loved the jacket so much that designer Jeff Hamilton even partnered with a fan account on Instagram to sell the jackets with the discount code “TAYTAY”. Between the cute couple fashion and the way fans flocked to purchase the jacket as well, this had to be one of our top looks!



2. January 28, 2024: Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens

For the AFC Championship game, Swift wore a cozy red sweater and donned her natural curls. The curls alone earn this look a high ranking, but her jewelry details seal the deal. She wore a ring in the shape of a red jersey with an “87” on it. Travis's mom, Donna Kelce, wore a matching pair of jersey earrings. The nod to Kelce’s jersey number is so sweet, especially when paired with her T.N.T. gold friendship. Swift’s jewelry game has always been top-tier, and these little details work wonderfully to show her support in lieu of traditional Chiefs merchandise. Plus, the ring was from a Kansas City-based business, EB and Co. Swift also wore a red cashmere sweater from her friend Gigi Hadid’s brand, Guest in Residence. 



1. December 3, 2023: Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers

Finally, here is the look that we are crowning as Swift’s top NFL outfit. For this game, Swift fully embraced the WAG style. She twinned with fellow WAG Lindsay Bell as both women wore fuzzy red coats in support of their Chiefs tight end partners. Brittany Mahomes has also sported a similar red coat in the past. Swift’s presence seems to be embraced by the other women supporting their partners at these games. The matching style is cute, and it proves that the team bond can extend to the partners of the players as well. We love supportive partners, and we always love to see women supporting women.



Taylor Swift has long been a style icon, and it’s clear she can slay in any setting. Although it has not yet been confirmed whether or not TayTay will attend the Super Bowl on February 11 in Las Vegas, fingers crossed that we’ll get to see one more look this season!