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Sabrina Carpenter's Top 5 Fashion Looks!

08-16-2021 by Rebecca Breitfeller

  ( © The 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards/Getty Images for GLAAD)  


You may know her from her time on Disney Channel starring in "Girl Meets World" and the Descendants movies, or maybe for her amazing singing voice and stunning discography (seriously, go listen to her music ASAP), but Sabrina Carpenter also happens to be quite the fashionista. Over the years, Sabrina has garnered a fashion sense that always leaves us speechless and has matured as she has. We are constantly amazed by all of her talents and have rounded up 5 of our favorite fashion moments from the star!


1. The 2021 GLAAD Awards




This green Versace moment is just TOO good for words. It’s giving me Legally Blonde sparkle vibes, and green is truly the best color on her. The understated beauty of this dress is what makes this look so perfect for Sabrina! 


2. 21st Birthday Look

Versace and Sabrina seem to be a running theme and I am not mad about it one bit. This is a 21st birthday dream look. Only Sabrina could pull off this metallic and colorful party look. This dress plus the chunky headband, and her hair? Chef’s kiss! We cannot get enough.




3. 2019 Milan Fashion Week

To say I am obsessed with this look is a massive understatement. This 2019 look from Milan Fashion Week is a Fendi dream. It’s like Inspector Gadget meets Bella Hadid and it is perfect. Sabrina typically goes for pops of color, but this more monochrome and neutral look is so great on her. 



4. "The Late Late Show"

Okay, I know this is a lot of Versace content, but it’s just SO amazing. I think it is safe to say that green is definitely her color. This green and black animal print dress with the black tights is absolutely everything. I am starting to think that maybe Sabrina should just be dressed in Versace all the time? Just me?


5. Flaunt Magazine 

I am deeply obsessed with all of the looks Sabrina had for her Flaunt Magazine shoot, but this 1960s glam look is so perfect for her. This look is very retro and classic. What’s great about this number is that you could honestly adapt this look to your own wardrobe and have the Sabrina-inspired look for the upcoming Fall season. I know I would wear this outfit every day of the week if I could.


What is your favorite Sabrina Carpenter fashion moment?!