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Ranking Ayo Edebiri’s Acceptance Speeches From Her 2024 Awards Sweep!

Written by Tal Israeli. Published: March 02 2024


There’s no doubt that Ayo Edebiri has been one of the year’s most exciting breakout stars, and Awards Season totally agreed. In every awards show -- from the Emmys, the Golden Globes, to the Critics Choice Awards -- Ayo swept and took home the award for Best Supporting Actress for her amazing role as chef Sydney Adamu in two seasons of FX’s "The Bear".




While many acceptance speeches can drag on and sound exactly the same, Ayo brought a refreshing take to each speech she made. Whether it was through her adorable awkwardness, her heartfelt teary thank-yous, or her loyalty to a certain country in Northern Europe, Ayo’s speeches were a highlight of every show.


Here are "The Bear" and Bottoms actress’s top speeches from the 2024 awards season, ranked from wackiest and sweetest to still pretty sweet and wacky:


Critics Choice Awards

Dressed in an effortlessly cool white suit, Ayo accepted the award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series with her signature earnestness and humor. In this jam-packed speech, she thanks her "The Bear" family, her real family, and her "Irish family” all in one. When she gets played off, Ayo goes “amazing, amazing!”




If you were wondering where Ayo’s Irish roots come from, they go all the way back to a 2023 Letterboxd interview where the actress claimed she took on the role of Jenny the Donkey in the Oscar-winning The Banshees of Inisherin with a method approach. Do yourself a favor and watch Ayo explain her “role” in a hilarious Irish accent:


Golden Globes

Accepting the award for Best TV Actress in a Musical/Comedy, Ayo gave heartfelt thank-yous to everyone special in her life, including Hollywood agents' assistants. In an iconic and relatable moment, she pulled back the curtain and let us know who really answers all her emails!




SAG Awards

Accepting the SAG Awards from new dynamic duo Billie Eilish and Melissa McCarthy, Ayo’s speech “butchered, just totally bastardized” a sweet James Baldwin quote just because “she heard it the other day.” Ayo’s love for her friends and family, both on and off screen, radiates here and we couldn't love her back more!




Emmy Awards

In her totally deserved win ("Emmy Award-winning actress Ayo Edebiri" just sounds so cool), Ayo dedicated her win to her parents with a “43-second” speech. Poking fun at herself as a “bad kid” who just wanted to do improv, Ayo and this speech warmed our bad kid hearts. This speech may not have as many jokes or Ireland call-outs as the rest, but bringing your parents to awards shows always gets brownie points in our book.




While you wait for Season 3 of "The Bear", feel free to play these speeches on repeat and revisit all of Ayo’s best awards moments, like this gem reminding us the actress is a comedic genius:

@entertainmenttonight Ireland's princess, Ayo Edebiri, *truly* has the luck of the Irish this awards season after sweeping the Emmys, Critics' Choice Awards, AND the Golden Globes. ☘️? #ayoedebiri#thebear#emmys♬original sound - Entertainment Tonight