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Q&A: Stephen Puth + Music Video Premiere!

Written by Nicole Koch. Published: December 05 2018


Do you love throwback sounds, funky bass tones, and soulful vibes?


Let us introduce you to Arista Record’s newest artist, Stephen Puth, who just released his first single and video, “Sexual Vibe.”


You probably recognize that last name and you aren't wrong — yes, he’s the younger brother of pop-sensation Charlie Puth.


Stephen, 24, describes his single as "Motown-esque seduction", and it definitely proves to be passionate, flirty, and alluring — what more could you want?!


( © Arista Records)


Who are we kidding, we wanted to know more about Stephen so we asked him some questions to get to know him better. Warning: if you go any further, be prepared to be v impressed with him!


YH: Being an L.A.-based artist, do you have a special place in L.A. you go to find inspiration? What about L.A. inspires you?

SP: Most of my ideas come to me when reflecting on life experiences. My favorite place in L.A. is Malibu and the beach. The water and calm inspires me when writing new music. 


YH: You say that your song “Sexual Vibe” is all about "a moment when you see someone across the room and how you feel before anything even happens";if you could dream up your ideal moment with a stranger, what would it look like?

SP: Let human nature and interaction take its course. Any environment will do. Just a matter of natural engagement. 


YH: You say you know that "the most powerful, heartfelt songs in pop music history are about love";what is the most romantic thing youve done for someone you love?

SP: On Valentine’s Day, after dinner, I gave her flowers and serenaded her on the guitar playing The Beatles' “I Will”. But I think the most romantic parts of life come naturally and aren’t too overthought. In that instance, it felt like the natural thing to do. 


YH: You say that you try to focus on the "tiny, specific things that you cant forget, the moments that later become powerful, emotional memories"; why do you think that is, that some memories become powerful later on?

SP: Nostalgia. When looking back at something, it becomes more powerful. 


YH: Youve written songs for The Vamps, PRETTYMUCH, Daniel Skye, Jack & Jack, and Stanaj — who is someone youd like to write for or collab with in the future?

SP: Ed Sheeran.


YH: What makes you different than any other artists out there right now? How do you plan on standing out and what do you want to be known for?

SP: A lot of my music stems from artists that have inspired me (Van Morrison and James Taylor) over the years. I want to bring back that sound. It’s important to me that people connect to my music and understand the meaning behind it. That connection alone sets people apart. 


Check out the video for “Sexual Vibe” exclusively right here!




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