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Written by Kate Ferguson. Published: February 09 2016


Add Agency is a project three years in the making that came to be out of a bit of serendipity for El Paso-based musician Will Mora. Will was in a band called The Morakestra, and was taking a break in 2011 when he happened to see the movie The Rocker, in which Emma Stone plays the bassist in a fictional band called A.D.D.


Will was instantly inspired to create his own similarly-titled project, and then preceded to even make a song entitled “Emma Stone”. From there, he went on to compose a full-length album, on which he sang and played various instruments.


Something about being a one-man band gave Will the freedom to jump forward quickly without thinking too much about where his impulses were coming from, which created some music with a lot of exploration and song moments that come through as developed characters.


The final project of the album entitled Gemstone Radar was released in October, featuring a lot of very obvious 1980s electro influences but the music still feels modern.


“BootyPop” is completely infectious and not what you would expect from a song of that title in today’s pop music climate. The vocals are almost a whisper, which is an interesting contrast to the highly energized beat. “Set Me Free” is a little more creeping in pace and no less hard to put down, while “Fame” has a more theatrical feel with moments that feel like Halloween and Michael Jackson.  




The album is unapologetic in its influences and has made something entirely relevant, fun, and real.



(Photo via Daniel Perlaky)



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