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Our Favorite Loc Hairstyles Rocked By Chloe & Halle Bailey!

07-18-2022 by Jazlen Patrick

  ( © Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)  


Chloe and Halle Bailey. They’re singers, songwriters, musicians, and the list goes on. But do you know what else they are? Loc trailblazers.


Chloe and Halle have shown us just how versatile their locs can be! We’re used to seeing locs restricted to just a few styles, and although they are gorgeous in their natural state, these two let us know that there is so much more that you can do with them! They, for sure, don't let their locs hold them back from trying new hairstyles!


Let’s take a look at some of these amazing -- and I mean A-MAZ-ING -- loc styles from this R&B duo!


1. THE Up-Do

We’re starting off strong, and here, Chloe is showin’ us what a real up-do looks like! This clearly isn’t just any old up-do, though. The intricate design of her locs make this hairdo look like a piece of art. Just like she said, it's the hair for me! Who would have known you could do something like this with locs?!



2. Cutesy Coils

We love this look on Halle! These short spiral coils are definitely one of our favorite looks on her for so many reasons. Now THIS is versatility. Halle loves to take on the short loc looks and she kills it every time! This hairdo brings so much light to her face and is also perfect for the Summer! Super cute, Halle.


3. Big Hair, Don’t Care!

Chloe is back at it again with what seems to be the impossible. Now, I’m not sure how she did this with her locs, but it is gorgeous! This half-up/half-down look is truly a show-stopper, and you wouldn’t even know she had locs under there! And the bigger the better, am I right? Per usual, Chloe rocked this look.



4. Goddess Locs

We see you, Halle! This hairstyle appears to be a take on goddess braids but with locs, and it's gorgeous. The light brown curly pieces added to the bottom are super cute and almost give this hairdo an ombre look. And don’t get me started on the silver hair accessories. Chef’s kiss. This loc look is top 2, and its not #2!


5. Braids On The Beach

These chunky beach braids are everything and more! Now, we’ve seen bigger braids before, but not only did Chloe braid her locs to achieve this look, but she made it her own by not braiding all the way down and leaving curly sections at the end. Creative! I may have to try this myself! This is, without a doubt, one of our favorite looks on Chloe.



6. Short and Sweet!

She’s back with another short look, and, as always, she killed it! These short twists are so effortless and beautiful on Halle. We love this natural look on her. It may not be over-the-top or crazy, but it is certainly gorgeous and something that all ladies with locs should try!


Chloe and Halle Bailey aren’t afraid to switch it up with their locs, and for that, they will always be our favorite loc beauties!