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Lose Yourself in These 8 Amazing Eminem Mash-ups!

Written by Kevin Donaldson. Published: February 13 2015


In honor of one of my favorite rappers winning his much-deserved record 6th Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, let’s take a look at six of the weirdest mash-ups that YouTubers have made with Eminem’s music. Specifically, let’s free-fall down a rabbit hole of Eminem’s music being matched up with some of the world’s most popular artists that he would probably never work with. (By the way, this is Eminem, so a lot of these lyrics are NSFW, in case you didn’t already know.)


Having said that, I’m going to start off with one artist that I wouldn’t be THAT surprised if he did collaborate with at some point… ADELE!




I chose this one first because it's kind of legit -- it feels like something that happened in a parallel universe, and it serves as a smooth way to introduce you into the lunacy that will soon be ensuing.


This one with Coldplay isn’t too bad either. It’s not too far off to believe that Eminem would rap over a beat that sounds like the piano work in this one, but still... it’s Eminem and then it’s Coldplay:




Next up is a Disney favorite… Demi Lovato! Before we get into the mashup, let’s hear from Miss Lovato herself:




Demi’s a huge fan of Eminem? She would love to work with him? Never would’ve seen that one coming, just like how Eminem never saw this mashup of their music coming:




“Lose Yourself” is a very popular Eminem song to mash-up. There are a lot out there for just that one song, and believe it or not, Eminem getting mashed up with real-life Disney princesses isn’t out of the ordinary either, which is why, for Selena Gomez, we’re gonna give you a two-for-one special:




Considering Gomez was about 16 years old when she made this song “Naturally”, which is mashed up with a very sexually aggressive Eminem track called “Superman”, this one kind of gets creepy. Enjoy:




Let’s take a break from Disney for a sec. This could be my favorite on this list. I discovered this song by a very popular artist named Taylor Swift because of my love of goats, believe it or not. Listening to it now, mashed up with a song by Eminem, it just feels fitting in so many ways that I can’t describe. The only thing I can tell you is to give it a listen:



Now let's dive right back into Disney for the big finale. That’s right, you guessed it -- the song that’s been stuck in your head for almost two years now, the song that everybody who has a kid posts videos of them singing it on your Facebook, and, of course, the perfect song to mash-up any Eminem song under the sun with... I give you the wick-ed-ly talented, one and only, Adele NazeemIdina Menzel with the Oscar-winning song from Frozen “Let it go”! (Yes, this exists.):



That isn’t the only Frozen mashup either, oh no:




I hope you enjoyed this musical journey in honor of Eminem’s record-making Grammy win. He truly is untouchable… except on YouTube. (Eminem, you rule. Please, don’t beat me up.)


(Photo via Joel Ginsburg/WENN)


- Kevin Donaldson, YH Staff