Lana Condor & Anthony De La Torre Release Magical AF Music Video for "Raining in London"!

02-19-2020 by Nicole Koch

  ( © Lana Condor/YouTube)  


LANA CONDOR STANS, what an incredible day to be alive!


Our girl is showing no signs of slowing down -- To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love you came out on Valentine's Day, she finished filming the 3rd film, AND she released her new YouTube channel, among other amazing things I’m sure!


Lana and her hottie boyfriend of 5 years Anthony De La Torrejust released a new single and music video called "Raining in London", and it’s perfection! The single is from his new EP called Find Me, also out now, and it’s so freakin’ cute.


Anthony, we SEE you and that butter voice… [*swoon*]


Complete with stunning slow-mo moments and close-up shots of their faces, you see their love for each other completely shine through. They’re both so incredibly talented and gorgeous inside and out, so it’s really a musical treat!


Also three words: THAT. RED. DRESS.


Check it out below to see for yourself:




We just had them in the YH Studio where they told me exclusive, behind-the-scenes moments of recording the single and making the music video, so you’ll want to check the interview out below!




Also! We had them take a love quiz on each other so don’t miss out on that -- Spoiler Alert: they’re so cute it HURTS, so watch with caution!




What’s your favorite part about Lana & Anthony’s relationship and collab?! Here, we’ll go first: EVERYTHING.


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