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"Gossip Girl Part Two" Promises More Juicy Secrets, Scandal, and Sexiness!

11-22-2021 by Melissa Morales

(HBO Max)


X-O-X-O, Gossip Girl! The official trailer for HBO’s "Gossip Girl Part Two" was recently released, and it’s definitely making us wish it comes sooner! From Ariana Grande’s iconic “7 Rings” playing in the background with some dark and creepy, other crazy and wild scenes, it’s giving us a whole lot to look forward to!




We start off the trailer with lots of steam, showing Audrey and Aki, Obie and Julien, Max and a mystery girl, and Audrey again with a mystery guy. Just from these images alone at the start of the trailer, "Gossip Girl" already has a lot of drama to stir in her feed. And, of course, there she is! The trailer moves along to our main crew each getting a notification on their phones from Gossip Girl herself, telling them “This story is anything but over.” The chills!


We then cut to Julien having a dream about kissing Obie, which will cause more conflict between her and sister Zoya. There are also crazy nights out, glamorous outfits, expensive jewelry, mysterious texts, cameras snapping gossip, the drama between the two sisters, teacher Rafa’s warning to Max, fights, trending news, a grand Thanksgiving feast, and Julien being canceled. What more can possibly happen in these last 6 episodes?!  


At the end of Part One of "Gossip Girl", Julien and Zoya’s sisterly bond is fractured by their love triangle involving Obie. It seems that that fracture is going to crack even deeper this time around. We also find out straight away in Part One who Gossip Girl was, or rather who the Gossip Girls are, as it consists of multiple people: the teachers at the school! With one teacher being exposed and fired, and Rafa hot on the gossip trail, we wonder when everything will get exposed. Especially with Ms. Keller being close to Zoya and her father, it can’t be too long before secrets start spilling out!


Fans of "Gossip Girl" do not have to wait long for Part Two! It premieres on Thanksgiving Day, which, if I may add, is an absolutely juicy day for gossip and secrets!