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Written by Kyla Killackey. Published: April 10 2019


There’s not much that makes noise when it comes to network television these days. Besides "This Is Us" and maybe "The Good Place", the networks aren’t known for breaking any barriers in the evolving TV industry, so I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon "Good Girls" not long ago and found my new obsession.




The best way to describe "Good Girls" is that it’s like "Breaking Bad" but more fun and steamier (more on this later). Deep in Detroit suburbia, 3 moms decide that robbing a grocery store is the best solution for their financial woes. Spoiler alert: It is not. The series is a heady combination of tension and suspense with a healthy dose of humor and romance to keep us all sane. There are cliffhangers, kidnappings, and a cast that is unrivaled in natural charm and charisma. Did I mention that I’m obsessed?!


Let’s begin with Christina Hendricks. Hendricks plays Beth, the quasi-leader of our girl group and harried mother of 4 who’s at the end of her rope and might just be ready to make a friend of the Devil. She makes the ever-increasing darkness around the women look all too enticing and cranks up the conflict between her secure, settled life at home and the excitement of a life she never thought to imagine.


Which brings us to Manny Montana. The current love of my life. Montana is Rio, a gang leader and main antagonizer of our suburban moms. He also has irresistible chemistry with Beth and will make you want to fall in love with a dangerous man (PSA: please do not). Seriously, I have never seen chemistry so palpable, and I’ve watched Meredith fall in love with Derek upwards of ten times on "Grey’s Anatomy". It is addicting. Their back-and-forth, straddling the line between intimidation and flirtation, is what TV dreams are made of -- sophisticated, full of stakes and so so steamy.


Now, if I can manage to get my mind off Rio for a moment, let me tell you about Retta. Everyone knows that Retta has been a star since she burst into our lives on "Parks and Recreation", and she just keeps upping her game. As Ruby, she is the fraught mother of a sick daughter, the wife of a police officer, and the moral center of the group. She brings emotional intensity and the levity of humor all at once and it is a powerful thing to watch. Ruby definitely does not love the turn our ladies' lives have taken into the less-than-legal side of the world, so here’s to hoping she never abandons the troop.


And then there’s Annie. Played by Mae Whitman (ily), Annie is Beth’s younger, scrappier sister. She’s a single mother with a complicated relationship with her ex and a sometimes self-destructive streak that is hard to look away from. All together, Beth, Ruby, and Annie are a perfect mix of friendly fire and risky conflict as they try to maneuver a reality that is constantly being threatened. 


"Good Girls" is currently mid-way through its second season, airing Sunday nights on NBC, but lucky for you, the first season is also streaming on Netflix right now!!! This series should be getting all of the hype, so please, be a good girl (or boy) and go get in on the action.




(Image via NBC)


- Kyla Killackey, YH Contributing Writer