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Everything We Know So Far About The 'Practical Magic' Sequel!

Written by Charlotte Gorrell. Published: June 21 2024


Dust off your broomsticks and grab your margarita mix! Joining the sisterhood of ‘90s witches getting revamped for modern audiences, it has been confirmed that Practical Magic is receiving its very own sequel. “Witchtok” is abuzz with the news of the return of Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in the sequel to the cult classic.

Warner Bros. announced on June 10th with a post on X that the sequel is coming soon, but the exact dates have yet to be revealed.


The original film, based on the book by the same name by Alice Hoffman, follows sister witches Sally and Gillian Owens who suffer from a familial curse that kills any man who falls in love with them. When Gillian accidentally kills her abusive boyfriend, the sisters use their powers to hide the evidence -- only to bring him back from the dead.



It has been over 25 years and we will finally get to know what happened at the end of their whimsically dark tale. While we don’t have any plot details yet, there could be clues within the book series on where the story could go. In the second novel of the series, The Rules of Magic, it acts as a prequel to the Owens' story. It explores Sally and Gillian’s childhood before they lived with their aunts, but the story is only made more interesting with the introduction of a long-lost brother. While this new movie may be a prequel, it is more likely going to continue the story rather than go back in time, so the third book’s story, Magic Lessons, most likely won’t be the best place to find the plot.

The other plot possibilities could be found in the fourth book, which is a continuation of the original story. In The Book of Magic, the Owens finally reunite with their long-lost brother to stop the curse that has been plaguing generations of Owens women. The story is just as dark and gritty as the original with the same amount of whimsy. But no clues have truly surfaced outside of fan speculation. The only thing we do know for certain is that the main characters, Sally and Gillian, are returning.

The actresses aren’t the only ones who plan on returning to the magic. One of the original writers, Akiva Goldman, is returning to lead in writing the sequel. As for the rest of the cast, nothing has been confirmed but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility to see some of our favorite actors back on screen. 


Fans of the original film will have to be patient; the details are still few and far between but that only leads to excitement. Will the sisters finally break the family curse? Or will we have an entirely new adventure with the Owen sisters continuing the value on sisterly bonds? 


With almost a quarter of a century’s worth of waiting, a little longer shouldn’t make much difference. In the meantime, a rewatch of the original film is in order -- you can stream Practical Magic on Max!