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Disney Adds Indiana Jones to Its Cinema Arsenal
In their continued quest to take over the entire entertainment industry, Disney recently announced that the studio will now have future marketing and distribution control of everyone’s favorite adventurer, Indiana Jones. The studio reached a deal with Paramount Pictures to take over distribution rights to future films, while Paramount will retain the rights to the first four Indiana adventures (Paramount will receive a cut of the profits from any future films made). The first four films in the series star Harrison Ford as Indy (and is joined by Shia LaBeouf in the fourth film) and were all directed by Steven Spielberg. While Ford has voiced interest in picking up the whip and hat of Dr. Jones once more for a fifth film, Spielberg has not yet mentioned if he will be returning to direct.
The acquisition of the Indiana Jones franchise comes on the heels of Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise (in addition to also owning Marvel Comics and Jim Henson Studios). Disney is currently in the works on a seventh Star Wars film, to be directed by J.J. Abrams and to be released on December 18, 2015.
Am I the only one who thinks it would be amazing if they decided to cross these two worlds together? How great would it be if Harrison Ford starred as both Han Solo AND Indiana Jones, and they somehow met one another and had to save the world together? I think that this would be the most epic fanboy film ever made. Just imagine the booths at Comic Con…
Are you curious to see more Indiana Jones films?
(Photo via WENN / © Paramount)
- Sarah Osman, YH Staff