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Written by Hannah Brown. Published: February 19 2016


New York City native Liam Lis is only 14 years old but he is already taking the pop music world by storm, and it's really no surprise, considering he first started singing and playing the drums and ukulele at only 5 years old! He decided to share his talents with the world when he began uploading covers to his YouTube channel, and the rest is history! Now signed by Lava/Republic Records, he's gone on tour with the likes of Fifth Harmony and Zendaya and built a substantial fanbase, which has dubbed itself the "LL Crew". And we know YOU are gonna want to be a member of the LL Crew too after checking out his brand new single and music video, "4 The Luv" (featuring the legendary Nile Rodgers) below!




Liam may be blowing up, but he’s also a down-to-earth kid who likes to hoverboard. YH has the inside scoop on what Liam Lis is all about; check out our Q&A below!


YH: Who are your role models in the music industry?

LL: People who stay true to who they are as an artist. 


YH: If you could have one artist take you under his or her wing, who would it be?

LL: That is a hard question. There are so many, but to choose 2: Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift.


YH: Are there any rituals that you do before performing that nobody knows about?

LL: I always make sure I find my mom or dad right before I go on stage and give them a kiss and I say a prayer.


YH: Why did you decide to sign with LAVA?

LL: When I met Jason Flom and his team they were so kind to me. I was 12 when I showcased, and they were so supportive and encouraging.


YH: Where do you like to write your songs? On the road, in the studio, on the beach…?

LL: I usually write on my keyboard in my room and then take my ideas to the studio. If I am co-writing, it all happens in the studio. 


YH: How many pairs of sneakers do you own? What is your go-to item in your closet?

LL: My favorite sneaker shop is Flight Club in L.A. That is the first stop I have to make when I am in L.A. Most of the time, I just look and try them on, but I have a few cool pairs that I got there and at another dope shop called Retro Kicks; I have a few pairs from there. My go-to item in my closet is a cool jacket that I got at Robyn Jeans.


YH: Who is your celebrity crush? 

LL: Skylar Stecker.


YH: Would you prefer to hover board, walk, or run?

LL: Hover board, most definitely.



Liam is currently on tour with Fetty Wap, Post Malone, and Monty; keep an eye out for him on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop!


(Photos via Universal Music Group)


- Hannah Brown, YH Contributing Writer; additional reporting by Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor