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Written by Kristen Juntunen. Published: May 05 2017


Chicago native Jean Watts is the newest Instagram sensation for 2017. Back in 2014, Watts was busy creating viral content on YouTube where she obtained her successful makeup career. Today, this blonde bombshell is a makeup guru, Instagram famous, a model, and now a singer/songwriter. In 2016, Watts released her first song “Spirit Animal”, featuring a sound with a tropical yet pop twist. Last year, she expressed concerns that her fans would not follow her into the newest musical endeavor, but that should not be a problem with how great her voice is. And this video is giving us some serious Britney vibes!




If listening to “Spirit Animal” made you thirsty for more of her music, then you're in luck. For Watt’s newest single (and your newest summer anthem) “BLOW”, she heads to Hawaii and becomes a sultry bohemian goddess.




Good news for her fans and social media army of over 700,000 followers, the next move for Watts is to release her debut EP and tour America.


To keep up with her newest adventures, fans can follow her on Instagram and Twitter!


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- Kristen Juntunen, YH Contributing Writer