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Written by Gabi Lamb. Published: March 23 2023


At this point, practically everyone has heard “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” on TikTok, where it was blowing up before even being released. The bubbly Y2K-style collab between Pink Pantheress and Ice Spice is the song of the moment: a feel-good anthem about, well, being good enough. While the first rendition, done solo by Pink Pantheress, was incredible, the addition of Ice Spice really made it take off.




With her unique voice, enviable style, and distinct aesthetic, Ice Spice is our up-and-coming fave; here’s some things to know about her!



Born in the Bronx as Isis Naija Gaston, Ice Spice is a New Yorker through and through. She went to college at SUNY Purchase, and it was a year after leaving that she would drop her first Spotify single “Bully Freestyle” with other SUNY Purchase student RIOTUSA. In Summer 2022, with the single “Munch (Feelin’ U)”, Ice got her first taste of TikTok fame, which would only grow through “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2”. Famous fans like Drake (who gave her a radio shoutout), Lil Nas X (who dressed as her for Halloween), and Kim Kardashian (who made a TikTok with her), only catapulted the artist more, and 2023 saw the release of EP …Like? with Capitol Records and 10K Projects.




Ice Spice raps in drill style, which started in Chicago and was popularized by artists like Chief Keef. It’s an aggressive and simplistic form of rap typically with a focus on violence and aggression, though Ice brings to it a more pop influence. Her songs can best be described as “for baddies”, and she often raps on themes of self-confidence and clout. One of the best parts of Ice Spice is indeed her style and aesthetic, which leans heavily into early-2000s influences. Her signature chunky pendant necklace and afro of strawberry blonde curls give Bratz Doll in the best way, just like her new album cover.



At only 23, Ice Spice is becoming one of the most exciting new artists to listen to right now. Her catchy hits are only growing in fame, and her 38 million Spotify listeners as of this publishing are a testament to that.


Let us know your favorite Ice Spice song, and if you haven’t, make sure to check out her new EP on your music streaming platform of choice!