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8 Movie & TV Teachers We Wish We'd Had In School!

Written by Rachel Rosenfield. Published: September 21 2023


While everyone has had a lot of teachers throughout the years, no two teachers are quite alike. However, there are always the special few that have left the most lasting impacts on their students. These are the teachers that students will remember forever, the ones that are also the blueprint for some of the most famous teachers in the media. Movies and television shows often have teachers that have developed a tight bond with a few students or the whole class. These teachers are the ones that real-life students wish they could have, as those teachers could be people’s ticket to success. Here are our faves!


1. Mr. Feeny "Boy Meets World"

No matter what level of schooling Cory Matthews and his friends had reached, Mr. Feeny was always there. He was able to combine a no-nonsense method of teaching with true compassion. Mr Feeny wanted to inspire his students with his lessons so that they would take those lessons home with them. Even though he was not one of those teachers that tries to be everyone’s friend, he naturally became a friend to all of the main characters. They were not the easiest students to have around, and they would often frustrate Mr. Feeny, but he was there for them. That is probably what led to Cory becoming a teacher himself in “Girl Meets World”. It shows that the right teacher goes a long way! Stream on Disney+.




2. Miss Honey, Matilda / Matilda: The Musical

Some of the best teachers can be the ones that support you in life when no one else will. That is the role that Miss Honey serves. When it comes to education, Miss Honey is certainly a teacher that is hoping to further her children’s education and clearly loves to teach. However, what makes Miss Honey stand out is her compassion, particularly towards Matilda. Miss Honey notices that Matilda is exceptional, and she wants to make sure that Matilda knows that. Miss Honey serves as a confidant for Matilda, as well as a guide, emotional support, and, ultimately, her family. Miss Honey is a teacher that you can tell is in this business because she knows that children can be remarkable if they are given the proper attention and care. Stream on Netflix.




3. Ms. Frizzle, "The Magic School Bus"

So many children grew up on the magic of Ms. Frizzle. Everyone wanted to be in her class and participate in some of their “hands-on lessons”. Whether they were exploring something as vast as space or as small as the world of insects, the students of Ms. Frizzle’s class were learning a lot. She was not using these special skills of hers just for fun -- Ms. Frizzle took the students on her magic school bus because she wanted to teach them in the best way possible. She was always warm and friendly to the children and cared about them obtaining useful knowledge. These are the best qualities for a teacher to have. Stream on Netflix.




4. John Keating, Dead Poets Society

From the moment that John Keating came on screen and told the class to rip up their poetry books, audiences knew that he was a teacher to remember. While he had some unorthodox ways of teaching that did not appeal to everybody, Keating knew that the students needed more than just book-learning. He told the students to rip up their poetry books because poetry cannot be taught; it comes from the heart. Keating wanted his students to feel special and know that they can achieve something great in this world. They should learn because they want to learn, not because they have to. Keating became an important figure to his students through his passion for education, and he showed why we should all love to learn. Rent on Prime Video, YouTube, and Apple TV.




5. Gabe Kotter, "Welcome Back, Kotter"

Students can sometimes work best when they are dealing with someone that they can relate to. This makes them feel at home. That is what made Gabe Kotter one of the original inspiring teachers back in the 1970s. He had to deal with a tough group of students, but he was the type that was just like them when he was their age. This allows Kotter to connect with the students and help them survive high school. He wants to help them out and put them on a great track through life. Kotter is their mentor through high school and he is always ready to help the students achieve great things. Stream on Tubi.




6. Dewey Finn, School of Rock

It is always great to have a teacher that knows how to have fun. While he was technically never a real teacher, Dewey Finn was able to help his students in many ways. He did not teach them much about subjects like math or science, but he did teach them how to loosen up and gain confidence. While he originally took the job and impersonated his friend to make some extra cash, he grew to care a lot about these students. He wanted to see them thrive. Through the power of music, Dewey became an excellent teacher, because he helped the students grow into self-assured and happy individuals. Stream on Paramount+.




7. Will Schuester, "Glee"

While some viewers may find him to be controversial and wild, Will Schuester is a teacher that wants the best for everyone in the Glee Club. He did Glee Club in high school, and now he teaches it to inspire the next generation of students. Mr. Schuester pushes students out of their comfort zones and helps them be more comfortable with themselves. He tries to make everyone feel welcome, no matter where they come from or what they like. He does not put in minimal effort for the club and students. Mr. Schuster goes all the way because he cares about this Glee Club more than anything, and he goes into each lesson hoping that he inspires somebody. Stream on Hulu.




8. Ms. Norbury, Mean Girls

While students may not have thought she was cool, Ms. Norbury still made an impact. She was always encouraging her students to do well and to do what was best for them. When Cady started failing math, Ms. Norbury knew that something more was going on, and she was determined to get Cady to reach her full potential. She was a self-described “pusher”, as she pushes her students to do their best. Ms. Norbury works hard at her job and for her students, and even though some students do not realize it, they are lucky to have her. Stream on Netflix.