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8 Film & Television Characters Who Are Total Style Goals!

Written by Rachel Rosenfield. Published: September 08 2023
(Photo © FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)


There are a lot of qualities that can make characters in movies and TBv shows iconic. Those qualities could be their personalities, their careers, or their lifestyles. In addition, another reason why a character may be iconic is their fashion sense. There are some characters that have the ability to almost always look stylish. These are characters with gorgeous clothes ready for any occasion. They could be students, business women, socialites, or just someone who likes to have fun. Style icons come in many different forms. While there are so many of them across many different movies and TV shows, there are some that truly stand out. These are the characters that have cemented themselves as the ultimate fashionistas!


1. Carrie Bradshaw, "Sex and the City"/"And Just Like That"

While Carrie Bradshaw often makes messy and wrong choices in her life, that is not the case with her fashion. The "Sex and the City" lead became a style star of the 2000s. Her character was always off to hot parties, hit clubs, and, of course, brunch with her friends. With her tight dresses, flowy skirts, fun jackets, and more, Bradshaw knew how to dress for anything. Of course, when talking about Bradshaw, we cannot forget about her favorite part of an outfit: the shoes. Whether they were her signature brand, Manolo Blahniks, or some other stylish sandal, Bradshaw was always walking in style. She was a woman about town and always tried to look her best. Her outfits had a fabulous blend of fancy and relaxed for so many one-of-a-kind looks.




2. Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

If anyone knows how to stand out in a crowd, it's Elle Woods. The sorority girl-turned-law student of Legally Blonde kept her sense of style every step of the way. It is not common to see Woods without her signature color, pink. From some stylish tops to gorgeous dresses, Woods really knows how to think pink. Even when she is not wearing that color, she is still turning heads. She knows how to make outfits that are bright and fun yet are still fashionable and mature. Woods taught women everywhere that they do not have to sacrifice their attention-grabbing style to be taken seriously.




3. Blair Waldorf, "Gossip Girl"

At Blair Waldorf’s school in "Gossip Girl", everyone knew that they needed to respect her. A lot of that came from her confidence and wealth, but a decent part of that came from her style. Even though the students in "Gossip Girl" had to wear uniforms, Waldorf still stood out. She had the right accessories (especially in her hair), the right makeup, and the best jackets. When outside of school, Waldorf really proved her It Girl status. She would wear the most glamorous yet hip dresses to parties and the chicest and preppiest outfits on the go. Waldorf was always wearing designer clothes from head to toe, and that made her the envy of everyone, on-screen and off.




4. Cher Horowitz,Clueless

While she may not be the best at her studies, Cher Horowitz always knows how to dress. The Clueless star was far from clueless when it came to her wardrobe. The fact that she has a computer program that scientifically matched her clothes proves how seriously she took fashion. Her yellow plaid blazer and dress combo has become iconic, and her white sleeveless dress has become a widely desired item. Horowitz knew that people are jealous of her, and her pristine look might have been a part of that jealousy. Even when she was going somewhere as basic as high school, she wanted to look fabulous. That is the sign of a true style icon.




5. Emily Cooper, "Emily in Paris"

Emily is not the most relatable character, but many people covet her fashion. The "Emily in Paris" lead is always trying to look her best everywhere. It can be intimidating as an American to be in the fashion capital of the world. However, Emily does not let that intimidation damper her style. She is always out in the city mixing patterns, wearing bold colors, and keeping warm in some eye-catching coats. Emily’s looks demonstrate that she is someone who likes to have fun with what they wear. Each of her outfits are utterly unique, and you never know what to expect. There is a lot of excitement to be had in what Emily wears, and that is one reason people keep watching the show.




6. Rachel Green, "Friends"

For the ideal '90s outfit -- which is on-trend once again -- you should look no further than Rachel Green. While "Friends" centered around Rachel growing and changing, her love of fashion never changed. It makes sense that she ended up going into the fashion industry. Her mini-skirts, stylish T-shirts and blouses, and her signature “Rachel” hairstyle is what made her a character to look at. The popularity of “Friends” is what led to Green being a fashion role model for many people. Even when she was just lounging at home or working at the coffee shop, she never wasted a look. Every cute outfit was worn proudly, and even though styles evolve, Green always stayed on-point.




7. Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada 

A fashionista does not always have to be a young It Girl. Miranda Priestly has shown that a sense of style can be admired at any age. She is not the editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine for nothing. She always looks pristine and polished whenever she is in the office. Her outfits are professional blouses and skirts, but they come in gorgeous fabrics, colors, and shapes for some flair. Then, whenever she is at a fancy event, her floor-length gowns are gasp-worthy, and she immediately has control of any room. Often, society tries to portray older women as being frumpy. Miranda Priestly proves them wrong, as she has style and grace wherever she goes.




8. Jessica Day, "New Girl"

Even if someone is not overly fashion-conscious, it does not mean that their fashion sense is not terrific. Jessica Day of "New Girl" may not be the obvious choice for a fashion icon, but she does have the outfits to back it up. Jess’s outfits are always able to have a youthful tone. However, she does not look childish in these outfits. Instead, her looks could be described as quirky and cheerful. With bright colors, cute patterns, and fun collars, her outfits could brighten up anyone’s day. Her fits match her wacky and adorkable personality, so what you see is what you get. Her outfits may be more approachable than the other looks on this list, but that just means that these lively clothes can be embraced by anyone.