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7 TV Couples Who Are Total #RelationshipGoals!

Written by Amanda Baltazar. Published: October 20 2016


It’s been almost 60 years since the OG #RelationshipGoals couple, Ricky and Lucy Ricardo from "I Love Lucy", graced our TV screens, but their iconic love and romance still lives on today. What was it about Ricky and Lucy that made them so perfect for each other? Was it their witty exchanges, their undying love for each other, or that they are perfect complements? 


Check out this emotional #throwback. Get ready for the feels.




They were definitely a kooky couple but perfect for each other in every way. And their legacy lives on through iconic TV couples in the modern era! Here are a few that we aspire to!


*WARNING: Years behind spoiler alerts and a lot of wedding and proposal clips!*


1. Jesse and Becky – "Full House"

I would boldly deem Jesse and Becky one of the most romantic television couples as we watched their love for each other bloom in the midst of a crazy and full household. And as we saw in "Fuller House", they raised two beautiful twins and are still very much in love after all these years.




Legit sobbing right now.


2. Monica and Chandler – "Friends"

Speaking as the Female Chandler Bing of my friend group, Monica and Chandler have both gone through their own journey looking for the love of their life, and little did they know that the one they were looking for the whole time was standing right in front of them. Marry your best friend -- check! #RelationshipGoals




3. Cory and Topanga – "Boy Meets World"

The childhood love that everyone wishes they had, Cory and Topanga will forever be relationship goals after being together since they were kids on the playground. They’ve been through thick and thin, but the most important thing is that they did it together. I ship them forever.




4. Sabrina and Harvey – "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"

A story of high school sweethearts, Sabrina and Harvey go from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend, back to friends, and even until the very end when Sabrina is about to marry another man, destiny takes over and brings true soulmates back together. And if two actual soul stones fitting together aren’t #RelationshipGoals, then I don’t know what is.




5. Lily and Marshall – "How I Met You Mother"

The epitome of #RelationshipGoals, Lily and Marshall’s love cannot be put into words. From how they handle their fights -- PAUSE -- to they way they support each other unconditionally, it is no wonder that Ted and the rest of the HIMYM fans put their love on a pedestal. There are far too many Lilypad and Marshmallow moments to choose from, so let’s just keep it simple.




That’s love indeed.


6. Leslie and Ben – "Parks and Recreation"

Although Leslie and Ben hated each other when they first met, their relationship evolved from enemies to friends to more than friends and to soulmates. They’ve learned to love each other for exactly who the other person is and supported each other 100%.




7. Jim and Pam – "The Office" (U.S.)

Probably my favorite television couple, Pam and Jim are EVERYTHING when it comes to #RelationshipGoals. They had a rocky start, but even from the first episode, their chemistry was so lit that you knew they would end up together. Jim knew it even if Pam didn’t. Their wedding was one of the greatest moments on television, period.




And I solely blame Jim for my expectations in love.


Who is YOUR favorite TV couple?


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- Amanda Baltazar, YH Contributing Writer