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7 Teen K-Dramas To Watch Before School Starts!

Written by Tori Raphael. Published: August 26 2023
(Photo: Viki Global TV/YouTube)


Going back to school can either be the best or the worst thing to happen this Fall. Sometimes, we all want to escape into the unbelievable world of K-Drama high school TV shows. If you need some nail-biting love triangles, quirky comedy, and never-ending slow-motion shots to get your mind off your studies, this list is for you!


1. "Boys Over Flowers" (2009)

"Boys Over Flowers" is the quintessential K-Drama high school series and is the one to start them all. The show is about a strong-willed girl who transfers to a wealthy private school after saving someone who was being bullied. While there, the protagonist comes to find herself tangled with the most popular and wealthy boys at the school. Although the show is dated, it still has all of the favorite tropes that make us love K-dramas in the first place. The show has an intense love triangle, extremely wealthy students, mean girls, quirky protagonists, and some awful haircuts! If you want a great guilty pleasure, look no further, this show is for you!Stream on Netflix, Prime Video, and Tubi.




2. "Reply 1988" (2015)

This series is a period piece set in Seoul about a young girl figuring out who she will marry by the end of the series. This show is an incredible comedy whose humor never falls flat. The show has something for everyone and is overwhelmingly heartwarming and family-oriented. Although there are love triangles and high school antics, the show truly is a coming-of-age story made for everyone. Not to mention the knee-slapping humor! Stream on Netflix, Prime Video, and Tubi.




3. "True Beauty" (2020)

"True Beauty" is about a bullied girl who ends up transferring to a new high school to avoid being made fun of. While at her new school, she learns how to do makeup and looks completely different from before - becoming popular at school for the first time. This television series, at its core, has a great love triangle with a mandatory bad boy on a motorcycle. The show is extremely engaging, and anyone who watches will get addicted to it immediately! Stream on Rakuten Viki.




4. "Heirs" (2013)

If you missed the main heartthrob from "Boys Over Flowers", don't worry, the actor Lee Min-Ho is back again in this incredible show. Two people, after meeting in L.A., find each other once again at a rich high school in Korea. Although they are from different worlds, the two can't seem to get away from each other. There are, of course, love triangles once again! If you love high school drama about elite wealthy students, this show is for you! Stream on Netflix and Amazon Freevee.


5. "Extraordinary You" (2019)

This fantastic show is about a high school girl who realizes she is a side character in someone else's story. Not wanting to let her fate be someone else's, she changes the narrative. This show is a fun twist on the high school K-drama and is something anyone would enjoy. Don't worry -- there is a love triangle and a bad boy! The show explores whether or not the protagonist will be able to write her own narrative after all. Stream on Rakuten Viki.




6. "At Eighteen" (2019)

At Eighteen is a heartwarming coming-of-age story about a young high school boy who slowly comes out of his shell after transferring to a new school. Wanting to live life to the fullest, the protagonist and his fellow friends get into all sorts of hijinks. This high school story is perfect for anyone struggling during their school years and needs a little motivation to get through their next class.Stream on Netflix.




7. "Color Rush" (2020)

Color Rush is about two high school boys who see the world in different colors but come to find a romance between themselves. This romantic K-drama is great for LGBTQ representation and will become your favorite watch. Watching this show will make anyone want to experience their own "color rush" for the first time! Stream on Rakuten Viki.