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7 FoodTok Creators Every Foodie Should Be Following!

Written by Gabriella Pérez. Published: August 24 2023
(Jake Pauwels/TikTok/@adventuresinaardia)


Food is a universal language. A savory smell or the sight of a sweet treat can catch your attention and lead you to your next favorite meal. Whether you're a pro in the kitchen or can only make toast, we can all agree that food can bring everyone together.


On TikTok, there are thousands of creators who center their creativity on food. Here are some of the best food-based TikTokers you should follow!


1. Keith Lee (@keith_lee25)

Keith Lee is one of the top food creators on TikTok right now. With over 13.5 million followers, Lee’s videos average 1.5 million views, with his top videos amassing over 30 million views. What is so special about Lee’s approach to food is how honest he is while still being kind. Lee creates food taste-testing videos where he breaks down how he found the restaurant, how much he paid, his customer service experience, and ranks the food he ordered on a scale of 1 to 10. Lee keeps it very real in his videos and explains in detail his thoughts and as to why he gives his ranking. Another reason as to why he is so popular is how he has helped many small businesses and family-owned restaurants through his reviews. Since his videos reach such large audiences, if the restaurant gets a good rating, people nearby will go to the restaurant. Many times this creates booming business for the establishment, allowing them to truly succeed. Lee shows his appreciation for his platform constantly through his videos, always thanking God and his followers for giving him the platform to do this. Lee’s kindness continues through not accepting free food from restaurants and, when possible, returning with a great tip of appreciation. Keith Lee is a great creator to follow if you are seeking for a feel-good video that still satisfies your food cravings.

@keith_lee125 Frankensons Pizzeria Taste test ? would you try it ? ? #foodcritic♬original sound - Keith Lee


2. Chef Reactions (@Chefreactions)

Like the name suggests, this account is a chef who reacts to people's attempts at making food. Chef does not disclose his name or much personal information -- all he is known for is his monotone voice, close-up camera angle, and his chef uniform. Chef has 3.3 million followers and averages over 500K views on a video. His simple format of straight-forward commentary with a side of sarcasm make for funny yet tasty food videos. Chef began making these videos during his breaks while working at a restaurant; since then, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers. Chef reacts to all types of food videos -- new chefs, traditional chefs, and even bad ones. His videos are great for those who enjoy seeing a critical POV.


3. Nick DiGiovanni (@nick.digiovanni)

Nick DiGiovanni is a young guy, but don’t let that fool you! He is a pro in the kitchen. DiGiovanni placed 3rd on Season 10 ofGordon Ramsay’s "MasterChef", and since then, he has continued to work closely with Ramsay, even releasing a cookbook with a forward from Ramsay. DiGovanni is known for his "knife drop" introduction in his videos. The large knife hitting the wooden cutting board alerts the viewer that some serious cooking is about to happen. DiGiovanni has 11.4 million followers and averages over 6 million views on his videos. DiGiovanni often changes up his videos; sometimes he works with other creators/special guests, sometimes he gives in-detail instructions on how he will prepare the dish, and sometimes he makes quick videos of himself preparing a meal with zero explanation. It is always fun to see what he has in store next. DiGiovanni uses his masterchef skills to make normal things such as chicken fingers into more exciting and elevating dishes. DiGiovanni is a great chef to watch if you need like to watch high-level chefs work in the kitchen.


4. Abi Marquez (@abigailfmarquez)

Otherwise known as “The Lumpia Queen”, Abi Marquez is another creator you should be watching. Marquez is 22 years old and from the Philippines, and her heritage and love for Filipino food is heavily shown in her videos as she experiments with new takes of traditional dishes. Marquez is not limited to just Filipino food, though -- she often plays around with other Asian cuisines as well. Marquez has 2.9 million followers and averages over 1 million views. Marquez keeps it fun and exciting with her experimentation dishes; she is not afraid to do something different and really push food around in the kitchen. Marquez is a great watch if you like to watch twists on traditional foods and cuisines.


5. Andy Cooks (@andy_cooks)

Andy Cooks is the definition of a good partner in a relationship. Andy starts out his videos by asking his girlfriend what she wants for dinner and then preparing whatever it is she is craving. Andy truly makes everything and anything in the kitchen -- whatever his girlfriend wishes for is his command. Andy has 5.1 million followers and averages over 500K views. He often prepares the food without explaining what is going on, and as you watch, you fall into a mesmerizing trace of his short but sweet style of cooking. Andy is a great chef to watch if you are unsure what to make for dinner.


6. Jake Pauwels (@adventuresinaardia)

Jake Pauwels is a creator that will for sure keep you interested. Pauwels combines his love for sandwiches and the game "Dungeons & Dragons" (D&D) together for an exciting take on preparing lunch. Pauwels's series “Roll for Sandwich” has helped him reach over 2.1 million followers with about 900K views on each post. Following D&D rules, Pauwels has to roll a certain number of dice in order to pick the bread, meat, cheese, roughage, wild magic, and sauce. With each roll, the sandwich gains a new level of crazy, many times leaving Pauwels with a horrible concoction for his lunch. Pauwels is a great watch if you love D&D, sandwiches, and fate.


7. Anita (@soyanitasan)

Anita prepares Oaxacan and other Mexican-style meals and snacks. She works solely in her kitchen, sometimes being accompanied by her son, to make fruity and spicy treats. Anita begins each video by washing the fruit, letting the water bubble over the container and on to the table. This quickly helped her gain views and followers for the mess made. Anita now has 2.8 million followers and averages over 500K views. Anita keeps it simple -- she has a great song, a quick preparation, and always a delicious outcome. Anita highlights her culture through always making a Mexican dish, drink, or snack, as well as choosing Mexican artists for the music and keeping the captions in Spanish. Anita is perfect for those who love a sweet and spicy snack.


Be sure to check out these chefs next time you're scrolling for a snack on TikTok!