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6 Up-and-Coming Actors To Keep An Eye On!

Written by Rachel Rosenfield. Published: September 06 2023


The 2020s have seen the rise of many talented actors who have shown their abilities across many different projects. These actors also have many scheduled projects in the work that will help them rise even higher. Keep a look out for these actors now so that when they become an A-list household name in the future, you can look back on when they were starting out. Here are some of those actors to take notice of -- whether their acclaim has come from critics or the fans, these are actors whose names should be on your radar!


1. Nicholas Galitzine

Movie-goers are often looking for an actor to swoon over, for both their looks and their acting abilities. Nicholas Galitzine is looking like he can fill that role. He has gained a lot of recent attention for his dashing leading role in the rom-com Red, White, and Royal Blue but he previously received attention as the leading love interest to Camila Cabello and Sofia Carson in the recent remake of Cinderella and the romantic film Purple Hearts, respectively. He has upcoming roles in the comedy film Bottoms and the historical drama series "Mary & George". Galitzine’s performances have shown off his charm and chemistry with other actors, both of which are important for a strong career.




2. Alyah Chanelle Scott

"The Sex Lives of College Girls" has become a breakout hit TV show for Max. Everyone loves the ensemble comedy and the actresses that it introduced. One popular star from this series is Alyah Chanelle Scott, who plays Whitney Chase. She often has to be the “straight man” of the group, but she has also demonstrated some comedic chops in her performance, making her a standout. In addition, Scott also had a recurring role on Hulu’s "Reboot" and has worked behind the scenes too -- she directed the music video for her co-star Reneé Rapp’s song "Talk Too Much". Displaying her skills on screen and off should lead to a well-rounded and thrilling future!




3. Jharrel Jerome

With an Emmy win at 22 and a filmography of acclaimed work already under his belt, Jharrel Jerome has shown that he should be taken seriously in the acting world. His Emmy came for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for the acclaimed historical drama miniseries, "When They See Us", and he also had a significant role in Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight. Both of these works have received a lot of critical praise, with many nods towards Jerome’s acting, like the aforementioned Emmy. His next exciting project is a lead role in the absurdist TV series "I’m A Virgo". Jerome has a lot of talent, and he is getting many opportunities to prove that.




4. Joe Locke

It can always be exciting when someone’s first role brings them into overnight fame. That was the case for "Heartstopper" star Joe Locke. Locke was cast in "Heartstopper" as the quiet Charlie Spring from an open casting call and was picked out of thousands of young actors. Overnight, he became a star, with fans appreciating how Locke brought the character to life. He even received a Child and Family Emmy nomination. For his screen debut, Locke really made a splash. It looks likely that Locke will get more roles and become a big star in the future.




5. Sunny Sandler

So-called "nepo babies" have been a hot button topic lately. While the concept is controversial, there are some children of famous actors that have legitimate talent worth displaying. Judging by recent opinions, this seems to be the case for Sunny Sandler. Sandler first came to our attention for being the youngest daughter of A-list comedy actor Adam Sandler. She then got attention for her acting skills recently, after starring in the Netflix film "You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah". She stars in this film alongside her father and her older sister, Sadie, and while it is obvious that her family connections worked to her advantage, audiences have really enjoyed her performance, finding her to be relatable and natural in her role. It may have been her first starring role, but if the reviews tell us anything, it probably won’t be her last.




6. Noah Jupe

At just 18 years old, Noah Jupe has already done many incredible films. While they have not been starring roles, the roles have shown off his talent. He played the elder son in the A Quiet Place films, and is slated to reprise the role in the upcoming third installment. He also played young Otis in Honey Boy, which was an intense part for a child to take on. Jupe was also in the critically-acclaimed films Wonder and Ford vs. Ferrari. He tackled all of these roles as a child, yet he was still able to knock them all out of the park. He is getting bigger roles as he gets older -- he currently has 5 projects currently in production, including a reboot of the classic '80s vampire flick The Lost Boys -- and he’ll one day get that big role that makes him an A-list star.