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Meet The Rising Cast of 'Bottoms'!

Written by Mollie Davis. Published: August 22 2023
(Photo: MGM)


Making plans to go see the new teen comedy Bottoms, being touted as a teenage girl’s spinoff of Fight Club? Here are 7 members of the cast that you might recognize up there on the big screen!




1. Rachel Sennott

Actress-comedian Rachel Sennott doesn’t just play the role of PJ in Bottoms -- she helped director Emma Seligman write the film! Lauded as a rising comedy star of her generation, you might recognize Rachel from her iconic portrayal of Alice in the A24 slasher flick Bodies Bodies Bodies. But before she found her way to movie screens, Rachel found her way into the performing arts through comedy, and even co-created a Comedy Central series with Bottoms co-star Ayo Edebiri entitled "Ayo and Rachel Are Single"!




2. Ayo Edebiri 

If Ayo Edebiri seems familiar, there’s a list of places you might recognize the actress from with the way her career has shot off over the course of the past couple years. This year alone, film viewers could catch Ayo in Theater Camp, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick! The actress has also received praise -- and an Emmy nomination -- for her portrayal of Sydney in the Hulu series "The Bear", which Ayo stars in opposite Jeremy Allen White!




3. Havana Rose Liu

Playing the cheerleader love interest of Ayo’s character is actress Havana Rose Liu! Thriller fans will recognize this Brooklyn actress from the 2022 flick No Exit, where she plays a young girl who stumbles across a kidnapping-in-progress at a rest stop. You can also catch Havana in the coming-of-age drama The Sky Is Everywhere.




4. Ruby Cruz

Bottoms is actress Ruby Cruz’s feature film debut! But before she was cast as Hazel Callhan, Ruby gained recognition and a fanbase on Twitter for her portrayal of Princess Kit in the Disney+ fantasy series "Willow". Ruby identifies as queer and made waves with her portrayal of a queer princess in "Willow", so it should come as no surprise that she jumped at the chance to be a part of a movie centered around the LGBT+ community! 




5. Kaia Gerber

Fashion fans will recognize Kaia Gerber as the stunning model daughter of the iconic Cindy Crawford, but Bottoms isn’t her first rodeo in acting! In 2021, Kaia appeared in both "American Horror Stories" and "American Horror Story: Double Feature". She also had a minor role in the Oscar-nominated flick Babylon, and she wrapped filming just last year for upcoming Apple TV+ series "Palm Royale", based on the hit novel Mr. and Mrs. American Pie by Juliet McDaniel.




6. Nicholas Galitzine

British actor Nicholas Galitzine is playing a buffoonish football player in Bottoms, but his filmography is nothing to laugh at -- it includes portrayals of everything from a U.S. Marine to a Prince of England! Last Summer, he starred in the Netflix romance movie Purple Heart, and this Summer, ahead of Bottoms, Nick can be seen in the recently released film adaptation of Red, White, and Royal Blue!




7. Marshawn Lynch

It’s not a movie theater or TV screen that you may recognize the enthusiastic teacher Mr. G in Bottoms from -- it’s the football field! Marshawn Lynch played 12 seasons with the NFL, mostly for the Seattle Seahawks. And while he’s showed up as himself in both televised commercials, reality shows, and even an episode of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", Bottoms will be his feature film debut!




Catch Bottoms in theaters this Friday, August 25th, and September 1st in additional cities!