Sofia Carson on Finding Perfect Chemistry with Purple Hearts Co-Star

When you have so many talents like Sofia Carson does, it only makes sense that she would be involved with so many different aspects of her latest film, 'Purple Hearts'! From executive producing and story development to writing the soundtrack and starring in the lead role, this is truly a labor of love for her! Young Hollywood catches up once more with Sofia via Zoom to find out more about this project, which took five years to come to fruition and is currently streaming on Netflix. Sofia shares her reaction to seeing the final product at the premiere and how she prepped for the role, plus she tells us how difficult it was for both her and her leading man Nicholas Galitzine to detach from their characters once they were wrapped! We also play a little "This or That" game with Sofia to find out her preferences on things like LA versus New York, Facetime versus voice calls, and more!

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August 01, 2022 | by Young Hollywood