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6 Audiobooks Narrated By Famous Actors!

Written by Rachel Rosenfield. Published: April 11 2024


When Britney Spears recently released her memoir The Woman in Me, she had actress Michelle Williams read the book instead of herself. In fact, it can be common practice for books to end up having a famous actor do the reading for an audiobook. After all, the actors have a voice that is familiar and that people are comfortable with. It is the actors’ voices that helped them get to where they are in their careers, which means they must have a pretty excellent voice that will capture the power of the books. There are a variety of different books that actors can read. There can be some old classic books that modern actors will put their own spin on. On the other hand, it can be an exciting new book where the actor will help introduce it to the world. Either way, those voices will be big sellers. Here are some audiobooks you can listen to if you want to hear hours of your favorite actors' voices!


1. Charlotte’s Web: Meryl Streep

When children’s stories become classics, they can be a part of the upbringing for many generations of children. That is what has happened with Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. The story of a friendship between a pig and a spider has touched many hearts and has been a story that children love to hear. Now, they can hear it from Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep in the audiobook she made. While really young people may not care that Streep is doing the audiobook, she is an excellent choice for the role. She has a strong, theatrically-trained voice to help carry the story and entertain the children while also having a maternal vibe that children can grow attached to. She has achieved her fame through storytelling in a way that has made adults sing her praises, and now children can sing those praises as well.




2. Memoirs and Misinformation: Jeff Daniels

Celebrity culture and the acting world can be complicated due to their harsh realities. Therefore, if someone is writing a book about those topics, it may be best for that reader to be a part of those worlds to truly sell what they say. That all ends up working out for actor Jim Carrey’s book, Memoirs and Misinformation. The book, co-written with Dana Varchon, is partially a memoir for Carrey but also a satire of Hollywood. It centers around Carrey’s life and experiences but also adds a new story to the mix that demonstrates some pressures in his life. Because of the complicated topic of the novel, it makes sense that the audiobook is read by someone close to Carrey, Jeff Daniels, his co-star in the classic comedy Dumb and Dumber. They have known each other for a while and both know the pressures of acting. Therefore, Daniels, in his voice that carries both comedy and seriousness, is the right choice to read this book.




3. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Scarlett Johansson

There are readers everywhere who wish they could go to Wonderland. With all of its wacky characters, wild parts of nature, and overall zany atmosphere, Wonderland seems like an exciting escape from the real world. It can be even more of an escape when a lovely and engaging voice describes that world. Scarlett Johansson has read an audiobook for the classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Johansson’s smooth yet emotional voice that has helped her in her illustrious acting career is a wonderful choice for the complex tale. She can do the wide-eyed naivety of Alice as well as the wild characters of the land. It takes a lot of effort for one person to hold the voice of so many unique characters. Her talent helps bring an already lively story to life even more.




4. The Order of Time: Benedict Cumberbatch

For most people, reading a book that is all about physics may not be the most exciting way to spend an afternoon. However, there might be some interest with a notable person reading about the subject. The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli is all about the subject of physics, specifically time’s connection to physics. It discusses how physics works in quantum gravity as well as thermodynamics and the relationship between time and space. All of these topics can sound complicated for some reading. However, when read by Benedict Cumberbatch, there might be more interest. Cumberbatch’s crisp British accent is one of the things that has made people swoon over him on-screen. He typically plays roles of serious and firm men, such as Sherlock Holmes, meaning that people often see him sounding confident and smart. That is the voice needed for a book about physics. Cumberbatch’s voice may help bring people to learn about something new about a complex subject.




5. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Nick Offerman

There are some stories that classically represent early American life and its beliefs. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is certainly one of those stories. The book follows a young boy named Tom Sawyer who lives in Missouri in the 1840s. He is a carefree boy that goes on many explorations and adventures with his friend Huckleberry Finn. This book is meant to display the authentic life of a boy in early America. Therefore, having Nick Offerman is an interesting choice for this audiobook, but it is also an inventive one. Offerman is known for a voice and persona that is a bit gruff, burly, and manly, which are not words to describe a child. However, that manliness may be what makes Sawyer’s adventures seem wilder and a bigger part of what makes America more of a dream. Sawyer and Finn can seem more like men with Offerman’s rich and tough voice.




6. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Even though there is no such thing as actual magic, magic can be found in the connections we make and the stories that we create. That is the idea behind Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. This novel is about two guys who come from different backgrounds and believe they have nothing in common. However, they soon start a friendship that affects each of them deeply. This friendship will shape both of them as it teaches them about life and themselves. This story displays the magic of the people we know and their importance. In addition, the story of these two friends is told by the wonderful voice of Lin-Manuel Miranda. While he is known for being an actor and a writer, he is also known for his impassioned way of speaking (not to mention impeccable diction which served him well in Hamilton) and how he is never afraid to show any sort of emotion when he talks. That is the type of voice that a book like this one needs to feel even more important.