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5 Times the Fidget Spinner Craze Went Too Far!

Written by Kayla Miracle. Published: June 28 2017


You can’t go anywhere these days (including the Young Hollywood studio!) without seeing people going crazy over the newest fad – FIDGET SPINNERS. Seriously, they’re everywhere. People are spinning the little toy between their fingers, on their forehead, their nose, their toes, literally any place you can imagine. Originally created as a mechanism to help with stress relief, the pressure put in to the ways people have evolved these little toys to perform surely creates a new unnecessary amount of stress in their lives. Because they are taking over the world, we’ve compiled five times fidget spinners got a little out of hand!


1. When this dog got a new toy…

Animals can’t speak, so we’re not really sure if this dog has any stress he needs to get rid of by using the fidget spinner, but we can assume that he has zero idea why there is something rapidly spinning on his nose. Hope this little guy got a treat for sitting still and perfectly balanced for so long!




2. When the cooking tutorials adapted to the new trend…

Honestly, kudos to the person who put time and effort into figuring out how to make cookies that double as fidget spinners, but was that really necessary? If the rest of the population is anything like me, the dough would be gone before the spinners could be assembled anyway!




3. When this person made their lizard a Western star…

The music, the cowboy hat, the fidget spinner… This lizard is the next John Wayne. Okay, maybe not, but I’m definitely shaking in my boots after watching this.  




4. When it took this man 30 years to learn the violin, but only 3 minutes to fidget spin…

Sure, playing the violin is an incredible talent, but can you play it with a fidget spinner? This guy can. I can’t help but think of the damage this could have done to an instrument had this been a case of fidget-spinning gone bad. But, hey, who knows? Maybe this guy will start a trend of playing instruments with fidget spinners. Like a trend-within-a-trend? The next time I see Taylor Swift in concert, I expect to see her playing all instruments with a fidget spinner!




5. When this nail salon took things to an unattainable level…

First, why? Second, how? Even the ultimate fidget spinner might find these nails to be a little too crazy. Fidget fingers? Fidgers? Finger spinners? Whatever you want to call them, I think that having little fidget spinners glued to your nails might be slightly problematic while trying to do anything ever.




What is the craziest way you’ve seen people use their fidget spinners?


(Image via Ghost Hits/YouTube)


- Kayla Miracle, YH Contributing Writer