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5 TikTokkers Who Will Inspire You to Organize Your Space!

Written by Madison Murray. Published: May 13 2021
( @neatlydesigned/TikTok)


Spring Cleaning season is upon us, but it can be hard to get motivated if you don’t know where to start! Luckily, sites like TikTok are running wild with new ideas and creative solutions for the messiest areas of your home. Here are some of our favorite TikTokkers who focus on organization and cleaning!


1. Teresa Caruso (@teresalauracaruso)

Teresa Caruso posts some super satisfying before-and-after organizing videos, as well as round-ups of cool products you can find on Amazon to help you stay neat! 



2. Neatly Designed (@neatlydesigned)

Neatly Designed focuses on tutorials and advice for making the most of the space you have in your home. She has such clever ideas and the areas she organizes look so clean and airy afterward!



3. Kayleen Kelly (@kayleenkellyorganize)

If you deal with chronic or mental illness, Kayleen is the TikTokker for you! She has lots of practical tips that can help you work on your space without getting too overwhelmed.



Gain confidence in your abilities by taking manageable and practical steps. #organizationhacks#fyp#foryou#foryoupagr

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4. The Simply Organized (@thesimplyorganized)

The Simply Organized is an expert on tackling closets, drawers, and pantries!Sam is a professional organizer who even works with Better Homes and Gardens



5. Jeanette Colley (@neatlyembellished)

Jeanette mostly posts about kitchen and pantry organization, but her tips can be applied anywhere you need to tidy up! She also shares guides on cool organizing products you can find on Amazon and in stores like Home Goods.



Happy organizing!