5 Social Distancing Dating Tips!

08-03-2020 by Emily Holshouser

  ( © Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)  


Dating has always been difficult, but it’s never been so downright strange. We know it’s hard to put yourself out there right now, so we’re giving you five tips to up your social distance dating game!

1. Use Bumble’s Social Distance Options

The popular dating app Bumble has added features to help dating in the age of social distancing. One is the “Virtual Dating” badge, which users can add to their profile to indicate that they are interested in virtual dates like video chatting. Hinge has added a “Date From Home” feature, which lets users make the sometimes-awkward transition to their first digital date. 


2. Use Online Games or Video-Sharing 

Virtual doesn’t just have to be a video call! Just like a normal date, you can engage in a fun activity together. You could play an online game like Words with Friends or Parade, where you can play popular online games with your friends. You can even watch a movie together! Use a screen-sharing app like Netflix Party, or good old Zoom, to bond over a good flick. 


3. Be Open To Other Connections

Esther Perel, one of the world’s leading relationship experts, has said that one of the ways to avoid virtual dating fatigue is to look for connections in other places. Even in a world rocked by the pandemic, there are still new connections to be found in our daily lives -- our trips to the grocery store, on walks, or other ventures into the world. 


4. Focus On Other Aspects Besides Physical Connection

PsychologistRachel Voysey has said that about 70% of emotional intimacy is about “sharing, knowledge, and connection.” Although dating is thought to be something that you do in person, and actively, courtship has a long history -- the act of slowly getting to know someone is seeing a boom in the current dating scene. It’s alright to take things slow!

5. Try Other Methods of Communication

Although we think of online dating as just about the online aspect of it, there are plenty of ways to communicate with someone and show them your interest. Order them a bottle of wine, or send them a letter!

Good luck out there!