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5 Iconic Aerosmith Anthems We Hope To Hear On Their Farewell Tour!

Written by Robert Sweeney. Published: May 09 2023


There are a few voices in rock music that listeners can instantly recognize -- the raspy emotion of Kurt Cobain, Ozzy Osbourne’s commanding wails, Bob Dylan’s spoken-word delivery... Among this pantheon of iconic singers lies the sultry yet urgent screams of Aerosmith’s frontman, Steven Tyler. With a talented and tightly connected band behind him, Tyler’s crowd-commanding anthems have soared up the charts since the 1970s and into the hearts of countless devoted fans. As Aerosmith have recently announced their final tour in 2023, aptly titled The Peace Out Tour, let’s list the Top 5 anthems the electric band has given us through the years!


1. “I Don't Want To Miss A Thing” 

Most widely known as the theme song for the apocalyptic 1998 film Armageddon, “I Dont Want To Miss A Thing” has been a staple in the band’s setlist that is sure to have fans dabbing their eyes. The sultry ballad features the use of a somber piano and orchestral section to compliment Tyler’s slow opening of the song, a large departure from Aerosmith’s head-bobbing rock jams. The song builds to its triumphant chorus with lyrics that revolve around missing a loved one and a tight connection that holds them together. In live performances over the years, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” has served as a slower portion of the setlist for the band, allowing Tyler to experiment with tender vocal runs that match the emotion of the lyrical content. With such a lyrical punchline as “'Cause even when I dream of you / The sweetest dream would never do / I’d still miss you, babe / And I don’t wanna miss a thing,” the crowd is sure to go wild for this tear-jerker on the band’s final tour. 




2. “Ragdoll”

Aerosmith’s “Ragdoll” begins by establishing its funky drum beat and a wailing slide guitar, setting the perfect stage for its strutting frontman. The track continues with emphasis on its Southern-sounding slide guitar, adding pomp and style to back up Tyler’s lyrics of fame and its sultry themes. With a steady yet pounding drum beat that fires up listeners and huge crowds, fans are encouraged to bob their heads along and strut in time to the rhythm. The song’s pre-chorus rises as Tyler raises his vocals before sticking the landing into its action-packed chorus. As the band embarks on their final tour, it's time for the band to dust off their slide guitar for one last jam.




3. “Walk This Way” 

Steven Tyler’s screams of “Walk this way! Walk this way!” still ring in the ears of die-hard fans of Aerosmith, the song’s infectious chorus lingering after an adrenaline-filled show. Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” displays the band’s chemistry expertly, with quick guitar riffs that match Tyler’s fast lyrics in the song’s verses, exploding into the ever-memorable chorus. “Walk This Way” also shines a spotlight on Aerosmith’s mastery of making a memorable guitar riff. This can be heard in Tyler’s halting of the lyrics, allowing for the guitar to weave into the groovy rhythm. Of course, this track also exhibits Aerosmith’s stunning relationship to the crowd during live performances, as Tyler often encourages screaming fans to join him in the chorus. 




2. “Sweet Emotion” 

From the crackle of its guitar talkbox through a car radio to its bouncing bassline at a live show, the intro to Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” can be instantly recognized anywhere. The track features Aerosmith delving into the wonderful world of weird, with a hypnotizing introduction that bursts into a full-fledged guitar jam. The band’s harmonies throughout the song also show how Tyler’s singing voice is complemented by the other members of the band. The song’s pre-chorus also establishes Aerosmith’s mastery of building tension throughout a song, using repeated guitar lines and beats to rile the crowd up for an electric sing-a-long. This funky anthem has remained on playlists and radio stations since its release and it's clear to see why. 




5. “Dream On” 

When thinking of Aerosmith, the first song that pops into the mind of most listeners is their 1973 smash-hit “Dream On”, and for good reason. The track features the perfect mix of the band's instruments, containing an earth-shattering guitar solo, thunderous backing drums, and tension-building piano chords. Joe Perry’s guitar accents weave throughout the ballad, foreshadowing the large buildup that crashes at the chorus. This guitar work seamlessly blends with Tyler’s scene-stealing vocal performance that rises and falls throughout the song, culminating towards the sustained high-note that we all know so well. As the years have passed, continuous performances of “Dream On” have proved Aerosmith’s timeless talent, performing a titanic song that was written decades ago. While Tyler’s final performance of “Dream On” may be a somber goodbye to countless fans, it also marks Tyler's endearing spirit as a frontman that hasn’t left since the 1970s. 




ThePeace Out Tour kicks off September 2 in Philadelphia; get your tickets now!