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5 Black Female Country Artists (Besides Beyoncé) You Need To Know About!

Written by Ashley Parham. Published: February 21 2024


Beyoncé has gone country, and it's no surprise that she is slaying. Earlier this month, Queen Bey announced her upcoming country-infused album Renaissance (Act II) via a Super Bowl advertisement. She also released two country singles, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages”. Fans are obsessed with her versatility as an artist, and we love that Bey is exploring her country side.



In other recent country music news, Tracy Chapman has had a surge in popularity among country fans after she performed her 1988 song “Fast Car” with Luke Combs at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. Combs’s cover of "Fast Car" won the Country Music Association Award for Song of the Year in 2023, which made Chapman the first Black woman and songwriter to win the award.




In honor of Black History Month and the fact that Black artists are absolutely killing it in country music right now, we want to spotlight other Black women that are flourishing in the country music scene!


1. Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton is a singer with a beautiful voice and a powerful message. She rose to fame with her 2015 debut single, “Better Than You Left Me”. The breakup ballad is an empowering anthem where Guyton celebrates being better off after a breakup. She is proud and unapologetic about who she is. In 2020, she released “Black Like Me”, which is a song that captures her experience as a Black woman in the United States. The song is honest and emotional. She became the first Black woman to be nominated for Best Country Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards, and she sang “Black Like Me” in a tear-jerking performance at the 63rd Grammy Awards. Guyton is an amazing artist and role model. She has a 2021 album called Remember Her Name that you can listen to on streaming services, as well as a larger catalogue of EPs and singles dating back the last decade. 




2. Reyna Roberts

Reyna Roberts is on the rise, and she’s not stopping now. Roberts first gained major public attention in 2020 when her cover of Carrie Underwood’s song “Drinking Alone” was re-tweeted by Underwood herself. In 2023, she released her debut album Bad Girl Bible, Vol. 1 featuring energetic vocals and storytelling lyrics. Roberts poured her emotions and experiences into this album, and it pays off. Her writing is honest and reflects a life journey. She has been open about her religious journey and variety of musical influences. Her music is everything a country fan could want while still remaining faithful to her wide-spanning background. Plus, if you’re a football fan, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard her music. Her 2020 hit, “Stomin’ Grounds” has been featured in broadcasts of Monday Night Football on ESPN. 




3. Tiera Kennedy

Tiera Kennedy is a rising R&B and country artist. She has gained prominence in Nashville, but she is vocal about her Alabama roots. In 2022, she released her song “Alabama Nights”, which paints a nostalgic picture of fun summer nights in her home state. In 2023, she released a song about gossip called “Jesus, My Mama, My Therapist” about opening up to those you trust while blocking out the judgemental chatter. She playfully points out that “[her] therapist contractually can’t talk all about that.” Country music has long centered on small-town life, and everyone from a small town knows about how gossip can circulate. Kennedy has a bright yet soulful voice, and she is an upbeat figure in the country music scene. She even lent her voice to a lovely cover of Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold ‘Em”. Kennedy is a talent that is only going to keep growing.



4. Tanner Adell

Tanner Adell is the modern it-girl of glam country. Her 2023 debut album, Buckle Bunny, embraces a flashy, girly aesthetic. The title is a reference to a term that is typically used to degrade women who are bold in their femininity while participating in the country genre. It is essentially a poser term, but Adell is turning the phrase into something to be celebrated. She is proof that women can be cute, fashionable, and trendy while still remaining close to their country roots. Genres shouldn’t live by rigid, outdated standards. Adell is being her truest self in her art. She is talented, creative, and inspiring. She is only just starting, and she’s already slaying.




5. Brittney Spencer

Brittney Spencer released her debut album My Stupid Life earlier this year. She has a background in R&B and gospel singing but has made a name for herself in country music. Her music is empowering. Her song “Bigger Than The Song” lovingly references other female artists and encapsulates the powerful feelings that music evokes. Her lyrics are strong, emotional, and full of honesty. The country scene has historically not praised Black female artists, but Spencer belongs in this genre, and her success is proving that. She has worked hard, and her vocals and storytelling are what country music needs.