4 Y2K Fashion Looks Taken Right From The Scenes of 'Mean Girls'!

10-03-2020 by Mary Shannon Donnelly

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It is October 3rd and if you don’t know the importance of today, let me fill you in on a little secret. Today is Mean Girls Day, in honor of the legendary film written by Tina Fey that stars Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tim Meadows, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey herself! The 2004 American teen comedy gives viewers an inside look at female high school social cliques, the effects they can have on teens, and the difference between a Queen Bee and a Wannabe. The movie has since become a pop-culture phenomenon, as fans not only celebrate today as Mean Girls Day but also continue to celebrate each Wednesday by wearing pink!


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The memes, movie quotes, and the hype of the film are not the only thing that have lasted 16 years. Y2K fashion -- or, style from the year 2000 -- has become an increasingly popular fashion trend over the past few years. Typical of many fashion looks, trends go in and out of style, usually making comebacks every so often. Just think of the increase in "mom jeans" right now, or the hype over scrunchies in the last four years! Mean Girls is the perfect 2000s movie to take inspiration from, so let’s take a look at our favorite Mean Girls characters and steal one or two of their best looks this October 3rd!



Cady Heron

Cady Heron is the main character and protagonist of Mean Girls. She moves from Africa to the suburbs of Illinois and, for the first time ever, sees how popularity divides a high school, both inside and outside of the cafeteria. Cady finds herself invited to join the popular group, initially using it as a way to get back at the mean girls who rule the school, but ends up not just getting a fashion makeover but also an attitude makeover for the worst! A life of popularity is definitely not what Cady expected it to be, but at least she got an upgraded wardrobe out of it! Let’s see how we can do the same.



The perfect Cady Heron fashion, post-“Plastics” transformation, is a pretty simple one to obtain. All you need is a V-neck blouse, a pleated or plaid skirt, and a pair of below-the-ankle boots. Many of these clothes you might even already have in your closet, especially since plaid skirts have been making a recent comeback! If you are instead going for the iconic first Cady Heron “On Wednesdays we wear pink” outfit, then all you need is a pair of khakis, sneakers, and a pink polo shirt!



Regina George

Now, dressing as Regina George requires pink, pink, and more pink! Who doesn’t love to be the bad girl? And a stylish one at that! You can whip up the perfect Regina George fashion outfit with a leather skirt, “dramatic” and sassy tight graphic tee, a button-up sweater (left open of course), a tiny purse, and your favorite pair of pink heels. Even after getting hit by that bus, Regina still was walking every stage like it was the runway, and you can do the same with this Mean Girls-inspired outfit.


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Janis Ian

Now, if the last two outfits weren’t your style, don’t worry. Perhaps your fashion inspiration is more of the '90s grunge and emo vibes that Janis Ian gave off throughout the movie. One way to perfect this look would be to style your favorite tank or T-shirt with a long sleeve shirt underneath, or a flannel over top, with a black skirt, fishnet stockings, and a pair of high top Converse or Doc Martens. If you don’t have a pair of fishnet stockings, Janet also rocked those striped tights throughout the movie!



Mrs. George

The last piece of fashion inspiration I have for you is none other than Mrs. George. The mother of Regina George, she is very much a fashion icon herself and it makes total sense where Regina gets her sense of style. I have four simple words for you: Juicy Couture Track Suit. That’s all!



It’s only October 3rd for today! So grab your favorite pink T-shirt, your popcorn, and your Burn Book and stream Mean Girlswith your favorite clique. Might as well do some online shopping as well – it takes time to make your closet as “fetch” as these Mean Girls!