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4 Times Hailey & Justin Bieber Were Our Summer Fashion Inspo!

08-30-2021 by Isabella Chirico

(Hailey Bieber/Instagram/@haileybieber)


I think it can be said that we all know about Justin and Hailey Bieber, AKA “Jailey”, the celeb couple who unapologetically takes over our Instagram feeds and magazine headlines. Whether strutting at a red carpet event, working late in the studio, off galivanting around some beautiful vacation destination, or just out and about in L.A., this couple is always sure to be doing things fashionably. Especially after the past year we’ve had, the pair has come out hotter than ever this Summer. Take a look at a few of their best fashion moments from the past few months!


First of all, can we just take a moment to talk about how mesmerizing this photo is? The whole thing just radiates glamour -- Justin draped over Hailey’s shoulder, her jaw-dropping dress and power stance, and not to mention the heavenly (and color-coordinated) wardrobe behind them. I would like one pair of those turquoise pumps on the left please! And maybe it’s just me, but I get major steamy Edward Cullen vibes from Justin in this. Anyway, they certainly did it for the gram with this one. Hailey is wearing a baby blue latex Versace Resort 2022 dress, and Justin accompanied his posh date with an all black Yves Saint Laurent suit.


And let’s talk about this white sneaker moment the couple had while in Greece earlier this Summer. If this proves anything, it’s that even the simplest, most reliable pair of Nike Air Force 1s can pull any outfit together. The two wore outfits that pleasantly complemented each other. Hailey’s fuchsia, long-sleeved mini-dress with a deep V-neck is to die for. She accessorized the look with her signature gold hoops and slicked-back hair in a bun and a matching hot pink bag. Justin rocked some European flair with a short-sleeve, ornamental button-down, red shorts, white Old Skool hightop Vans, and hot pink socks to match his wife. The two were a walking display of color against the traditional all-white Greek architecture.


We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse into the couple’s early-August road trip, and let us say they have truly set the bar for road trip style. Fun and cool, but still keeping things stylish no matter the destination. Justin sported his typical Drew House shorts with an unbuttoned flannel shirt and some cool red sunnies. And as the master of oversized clothing, Hailey did not disappoint with this oversized tee. Additionally, her checkered bucket hat and mini-purse are the cutest. But it’s impossible to look at this photo and not drool over those Bottega Veneta leather boots. Nothing like wearing designer boots while out exploring the countryside by bus!


This is the Summer fashion inspo we all needed. As our last mentioned look, Justin rocks an all-white ensemble with a sheer, white striped linen button-down, off-white pleated pants, and beaded necklaces. I don’t think a white linen shirt has ever looked so good. And of course he had to sprinkle in some of that Justin touch, tossing on a red bandana too. We love how Hailey contrasts so beautifully with Justin in this, radiating in a long, frilly orange dress. And to nobody’s surprise, she completed the Summery look with another cute handbag -- this green mini-leather bag is by Bottega Veneta and we need one immediately.


We can’t wait to see the fall looks this celeb couple has to serve up! My Instagram feed will be patiently waiting!