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4+ Easy & Affordable Halloween DIY Decor Ideas From TikTok!

10-14-2021 by Melissa Morales



The wonderful Fall season has finally made its arrival and Halloween is quickly creeping near.  What better way to be in the spirit and feel festive than in the comfort of your own home? Staying warm and cozy in bed as the weather grows colder, the best way to vibe this season is by keeping in touch with the pumpkins, leaves, and ghosts: decorating! Even better, personalized DIY decorations!


The activity of crafting artwork and decorations yourself feels so much better and even more productive rather than buying goods from a store or hiring a professional to design your home. By engaging with the direct making process itself, it puts people even more in touch with the season and gives chance for the opportunity to get creative, artistic, and imaginative!


I know that sometimes buying decorations for holidays and seasons can be costly; therefore, many people on TikTok are pitching in their ideas on DIY decorations that can be brought from stores that are super affordable, such as the Dollar Tree, Five Below, and even Target!


TikTok user @hometalk shows us very simple yet creative ideas to try for this year. Made from just a black garbage bag, scissors, and a clever folding and cutting process, the result is a large, spooky spider web! Another very cheap but cute idea comes straight from a milk carton! Using a sharpie for its eyes and mouth and cutting out holes to insert lights, emerges a happy ghost!



Another TikTok user @ashleykeeah provides us with a beautiful, colorful Halloween wreath using different materials that can be purchased from the Dollar Tree. Some of these include different colored yarn, plastic bats, a Halloween sign, ornaments, and decorative ribbons. Very stylish for a front door decoration!



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Additionally, TikTok user @mamabearmeals presents us with a DIY project that only costs $6 with materials that can be purchased at Target. Using just a gumball machine and a pack of skeleton heads for $3 each, the result is very spooky yet aesthetically amazing for IG posts! I may just try this one myself!



Lastly but not least, TikTok user @ashleymarqi gives us a very cool and interesting idea for those of us who have chandeliers in our home. Be aware, however -- a skeleton is going to be chilling out on it! With a $5 skeleton from Five Below, some gold all surface paint spray, and fishing wire, you’ll have your home looking like a real elegant haunted mansion!



Get your inventive hats on and start scouting for stores and ideas on decorations for this Halloween and Fall season. Better yet, create your own DIY projects and share them with family and friends! Happy experimenting!