Zoe Saldana launches new Kiehl's project

Guardians Of The Galaxy star Zoe Saldana has paired with bosses at skincare and beauty brand Kiehl's to launch a new online platform called Cremaholics.

The new project is a forum where fans obsessed with the famous firm can share their favorite products and get expert advice on new items which might suit them.

Zoe, a mother of three, announced the collaboration with a funny video post on Instagram on Monday (16Oct17), in which she is shown walking into a Kiehl's store.

"Come!" she says, talking directly to the camera, "don't be shy, I just thought it might be nice to bring you to a place I love that I rarely get to visit."

A Kiehl's worker smiles as she greets the star, saying, "Hi Zoe, twice in one week!", suggesting the Avatar actress isn't quite telling the truth.

An excited Zoe promptly fills her basket with so many products that she has to ask for another, and concludes the video by confessing, "Maybe I am a Cremaholic, and it's OK."

The star has long been a fan of Kiehl's and swears by the Calendula Foaming Face Wash to keep her skin clear, while she also relies on good moisturiser and sunblock.

Although the busy working mom struggles to find time to take care of herself, she has perfected the "get out of bed and go method" when she's getting ready for her day. And she's whittled down her daily beauty essentials to "moisturiser with sunscreen, a light concealer, blush and a good lip," she tells People Style.

However, she is used to 'losing' some of her favorite Kiehl's products - because her husband Marco Perego is also a fan.

"Shampoos, conditioner and my Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream are always fair game," she laughs of the products Marco is most likely to borrow.