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Win Butler sorry over store owner's graffiti woes

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler has apologized to a store owner over the band's graffiti campaign to promote new album Reflektor.

The Canadian rockers are set to release their fourth record next month (Oct13) and the album's logo has been spotted mysteriously spray-painted on walls in cities across the U.S. and in London.

It is not clear who has been responsible for the campaign, but Butler has now written a personal note to a shop owner in Austin, Texas after the man complained his wife spent hours cleaning one of the graffiti logos from their storefront.

In the letter, published on Austinist.com, he writes, "I'm really sorry that you and your wife had to put up with that. The logos were supposed to be put up with water soluble paint or chalk so they would come off in the rain. Somewhere down the line someone must have got confused and used paint... It is sometimes hard to control all these tiny details when you are doing something on such a large scale."

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