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Vivica A. Fox names Eric Roberts as worst kisser

Actress Vivica A. Fox has named and shamed Eric Roberts as Hollywood's worst kisser after opening up about her lip-locking experience with the star.

The Kill Bill star got intimate with Julia Roberts' brother on the set of new film So This is Christmas and admits he wasn't her favorite leading man.

Asked to list her best and worst movie kisses during an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show on Thursday (04Oct13), Fox said, "Eric Roberts wasn't the best kisser... (It was), like, piranha style. It was, like, open with the teeth and when we finished my lipstick was, like, all over his teeth.

"When you kiss someone (in a film), you get to pretend... I pretend you're my man, so kiss me... Don't bite me... and have fresh breath!"

Fox revealed her favorite leading men have been Will Smith and Morris Chestnut, adding, "My love life onscreen has been better than my love life personally. They've given me nothing but the best... I've had the best of chocolate."

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