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Tyrese Gibson makes heartfelt dating plea

Tyrese Gibson has made a heartfelt plea to women across the world as he expressed his desire to settle down.

The Fast & Furious star posted a picture of his fleet of cars to Instagram on Friday (15Apr16), with a long caption listing all the qualities he wants in his perfect woman.

"I love a woman that's smart, confident, educated, self sufficient, ((available to be as spontaneous as this lifestyle I live.),” the 37-year-old wrote. "I use (sic) to be attracted to women with HUGE personalities LOUD and AGGRESSIVE and I would always (hit) a wall.... Now I'm in a zone where I am ONLY attracted to women who's voice is so soft and she has the energy and presence of grace and regal sophistication..... Not subservient REGAL!!!"

The actor, who started out as a model and a singer in the 1990s, explained in his post that his tastes have changed now that he's matured. "As sexy as my small collection is I never leave home I'm too grown for clubs and turn up every night..... Although I make moves sometimes.... I'm on my #GrownManS*** heavy........ I can't wait to get home.

"I don't remember the last time I lost sleep over a hater..... This is a life and lifestyle that I've earned."

Tyrese, who's father to eight-year-old daughter Shayla, also revealed that he's more cautious about the people he now allows into his life, adding that some took advantage of his fame and fortune. However, he ended the post on a positive note - a direct plea to his future wife.

"I'm 3,500 flights, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of stages and political warfare into this life and lifestyle if you want it get off your a** and GO GET IT!!!!!!!” he concluded. “Message to my future wife...... Hello!"

The actor, and Grammy-nominated singer, was previously married to Norma Mitchell, who he divorced in 2009.

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