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Tommy Hilfiger's daughter wins Lyme disease battle

Designer Tommy Hilfiger's daughter Ally has joined Avril Lavigne and model Bella Hadid by going public with her Lyme disease battle.

The 30 year old has revealed she has been struggling with symptoms of the illness since she was seven, but doctors failed to correctly diagnose her for 14 years.

Hilfiger admits at the height of her health battle she suffered severe fatigue, headaches and muscle pain.

"It had taken over every single cell in my body and in my brain," she says. "I couldn't put lotion on my legs because it felt as if I was being beaten with a baseball bat. I was like an 80-year-old woman."

Ally, who became a mom earlier this year (15), recently attended the inaugural Global Lyme Alliance gala alongside Yolanda Foster, who also suffers from Lyme disease. Foster recently revealed her kids, Bella and Anwar Hadid, also suffer from the tick-borne illness.

Speaking to fellow sufferers at the gala, Hilfiger offered hope by stating, "Today, I am proud to stand here and tell you I'm finally cured... It's been a challenging road and I think what got me out of bed some days and kept me fighting was so I could help people one day."

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