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Tom Hardy filmed one-man movie 16 times

British actor Tom Hardy spent more than 24 hours sitting in a car as he filmed his one-man movie Locke 16 times.

The Dark Knight Rises star is the only character seen on screen in the new film, which focuses on a lone driver crossing the U.K. with all the action taking place in the car.

Director Steven Knight wanted the 90-minute film to be shot as close to 'real time' as possible, so Hardy spent hours running through the movie in sequence in the car, and the crew ended up shooting the whole production 16 times.

Knight tells the London Evening Standard, "We basically shot it 16 times beginning to end and cut it together."

Other actors, including Olivia Colman, House of cards star Ben Daniels, and Sherlock's Andrew Scott, converse with Hardy's character over the phone, and Knight recorded their parts in a less-than-glamorous location.

He explains, "(I put them) in a motorway service station conference room, with some red wine and biscuits, and on cue they'd go to a microphone next door to talk to Tom on the phone."

Locke is due for release in the U.K. on 18 April (14).

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