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Tila Tequila kicked off U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother over anti-Semitic stance - report

Internet sensation Tila Tequila has been kicked off a British reality TV show for remarks she made about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler two years ago (13).

The model and singer was axed from Celebrity Big Brother just a day after the latest cast was revealed, when producers learned of comments she made about Hitler on Facebook.com.

Sources tell TMZ.com Tequila, real name Tila Nguyen, owned up to claims she praised the infamous German leader, called herself "Hitler reborn" and "Hitila", and posted a photo of herself wearing Nazi regalia outside Auschwitz, where thousands of Jews were killed during World War Two.

Producers confronted her after hundreds of TV viewers complained about her involvement in the show, and immediately dismissed her from the Big Brother house.

A spokesman for The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, the British organization which launched a petition to force producers to axe Tequila on Thursday night, says, "The British public has little time for attention seeking Nazi sympathisers like Tila Tequila. The producers ought to be ashamed of themselves for promoting such a deeply offensive and nasty person on primetime television. She has been slammed for a number of extremist and anti-Semitic posts, in which she described Hitler as a 'special and sweet kid'."

A source at Channel 5, the network which airs Celebrity Big Brother, claims producers were unaware of the reality TV star's Hitler views before casting her.

Tequila has strongly denied she's anti-Semitic, and previously told fans she was considering converting to Judaism.

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