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The Game adds 'daughter' to his family

Rapper The Game has become a father figure to a struggling friend's little girl.

The father-of-three revealed he had a new daughter after posting photos of little Madison during a trip to Disneyland earlier this week (beg23Jun14).

In a post on Instagram.com, the Dreams hitmaker wrote, "So let's get one thing clear for ALL & EVERYONE that has questions about MY DAUGHTER... She is my daughter!!! I am her FATHER!!! Doesn't matter if I am biologically her father or if I adopted her or if a father figure was absent in her life the last 9 years of it or not... What matters is from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that WE BOTH we're (sic) put into each other's lives for a reason.

"Her birth father, whomever he might be has been absent from her life since her birth & once I found that out, after already falling in love with her for the months prior to me accepting the role of her FATHER, I immediately had several conversations with her mother (who works very hard for all of her children & doesn't NEED a thing) we agreed that I would take the place as Madison's FATHER.

"I take the role of FATHER very seriously with my 3 already prior to adding Madison to MY FAMILY so 1 more is nothing more than an easy task & I'm just as excited to have her as she is to have me!!!!"

And he used the post to clear up rumors about the little girl, adding, "She is not the daughter of one of my friends that died as the internet says, nor is her mother struggling or in need of any help raising her children... The thing is, there was a beautiful sweet girl who was in need of a father & who more perfect than ME?

"I will be here for her, @littlemisscali @kingjusticetaylor & @harlemtaylor (his three kids) as long as I breathe & my 4 children will never have to worry about ANYTHING as long as I'm breathing God's good air!!!! & for those haters I see in my & her comments... Worry bout your OWN kids!!!!!

He concluded, "That's my baby girl... Get used to seeing her... Sincerely, her FATHER!!!!!"

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